Hey Rollers!

This is our new YouTube Contest and this time it is very diverse, because we will talk about the creative aspect of RollerСoin ❄️✨

So, your task this time is to reveal the essence of the events that make RollerCoin the game we know and love. Tell in such a way that newbies get the idea and get inspired for a fruitful and interesting game where we create our own mining empire.

Shall we play snowballs together? ⛄️

The Ideal Video Should Be About…

To begin with, it is worth paying a little attention to what RollerCoin is, because we were all beginners once. Let your future colleagues or friends know that the game is full of alternatives! In RollerCoin, there is an opportunity to earn passively by buying or winning miners and pledging your entire room with them. However, you can earn crypto actively by playing games! 💰

The main idea of the contest is to tell about the spiritual part of RollerCoin. After all, just playing games is not as interesting as playing them during a themed event, isn’t it! 🤔

Tutorial Requirements

But, firstly, there are 5 main requirements the video must meet:

🔹 Only videos in English are accepted
🔹 The picture and the sound must be of high quality, at least 720p
🔹 The video shouldn’t be too long, 10–15 minutes is a perfect time 
🔹 The video must be publicly available for viewing
🔹 The tutorial must describe only the main idea of his contest which is described above.
🔹 Tell newbies about the RollerCoin event with all your heart!

Be sure to read the rules below!

What to Reveal in Your Video?

Winter is in full swing, so grab yourself some hot cocoa ☕️ and listen closely to what you’ll be whipping up in your awesome new videos.

 A Few Words About RollerCoin

Say a few words about the game as a whole, share your impressions and what RollerCoin can provide, what is the feature and uniqueness of the game.

Seasonal Events

These are large-scale long-term events that form the basis of RollerCoin. 

A new season is always a new story dedicated to a specific idea! It is also definitely a source of unique content, such as free crypto, mining power and the miners themselves, which are given to you simply for playing games.

We are currently running Season 7: Prime Time 🪩 It is dedicated to disco and aesthetics of the 70s and 80s. Invite the newbies to the dance floor! 🕺

Progression Event

This is the type of event in which you play games → collect points by completing various tasks, trading on the Marketplace, as well as for purchases in the Store → receive incredible rewards!

Such events are frequent and regular, currently a bright Lunar New Year — Progression Event is taking place, in which we pay tribute to Chinese traditions 🏮💫

Crafting Offer

Crafting offer is a weekly event that tells a small story. Players have recipes for three themed miners and time to craft them. These are unique offers that help get long-desired miners in a more interesting way.

But we are constantly enriching already existing events, so this time we launched a new type of Сrafting offer in the form of a competition. You can find out more about this by reading Crafting Race 🏍

Weekly Offers

Just like Сrafting Offer, Weekly Offers are a great chance to save money on cool miners. The point of this event is to provide a number of unique miners for a nice price every week.

Worth Mentioning

The Landing Sale always offers exclusives at a very bargain price, so don’t miss them!

Do you suddenly have the traits of an entrepreneur? Try your hand at trading on the Marketplace: we already have many success stories of players who raised money on trading on the Marketplace.
Want your miners to perform even better? Merge them! After each merge, they become more efficient than the two previous miners from which they were composed! 💪

What About Prizes?

5 best videos will be posted on our socials and will receive fantastic rewards! 

First place – 500 RLT + Event Pass
Second place – 250 RLT + Event Pass
Third place – 100 RLT + Event Pass
Fourth place – 100 RLT + Event Pass
Fifth place – 50 RLT + Event Pass

Sounds delicious! 🤑

It’s Time to Win!

​​Remember, show your best sides and RollerCoin will help you monetize them!

The contest starts today and takes place for the next two weeks, until February 8th 🗓

Send us your videos using THIS FORM.

Inspire and be inspired with us! 🐹❤️