Rollers, All aboard! 💪

Check your tickets and hop on the train to see what’s exciting in the new Season 13: Railway🚂


  • Season Pass: Cool Rewards And More!
  • Season Quests Changes.
  • Season Store Update. New but still powerful.
  • What else to expect during the Season?

Railway adventure awaits!

Shortly, it’s even cooler now! But let’s dive deep into the details, starting with the most important part for every traveler 👇

Rewards Overview 🎁

This awaits for you in the new Season Pass:

🆙 More levels to pass: 50 incredible rewards instead of 30.

🚉 A series of cool trains (5 pieces of each) will appear on your racks! They will bring you a total of 20.25 Ph/s in the first form and almost 32 Ph/s when merged!

🪑New cool racks to place your miners on!

💸 Total of 3400 RST to spend in the season store!

How does Season Pass work?🧐 

Still wonder how it all works? We got you covered!

See all the nitpicky details about our Season Pass there👇

Balance And Quest Changes 📊

As you already saw, you now have more levels to pass which means more rewards. Cool, right? But it gets even cooler! You will need less experience per level – only 200 XP! 💯

📍As for the quests, the changes are:

  • The amount of experience points is increased for every quest.
  • Optional quests have been added. Completing them will speed up your progress, but it’s only up to you whether to pass them or not!

New quests:

☑️ Earn 1 RLT on Task Wall

☑️ Exchange 10 RLT

☑️ Spend 11 RLT in Sales & Popular

  • The quest “Complete any task on Task Wall” has returned instead of “get 0.01 RLT”

So, in total, you both need less experience for the entire pass (10,000 XP now instead of 12,000 in the previous season) and get more experience for every level with a wider variety of quests! 🤩

It’s never been easier to progress 😤

Season Store Update

To truly feel the rumble of the cheering 🚂 Roller train, you need powerful machinery!

We have loaded up our fresh Community Case with really valuable items. Powerful enough to be worth every dime spent on tickets! 🎟️

Check them out 👇

What Else Coming In This Season?

Season pass is cooler than ever but guess what? That’s not all! 🤗

Item Panel Rework Is Coming!

Earlier this year we announced some sleek changes to item panel. As for now, we are working hard to ensure it works flawlessly with your best experience possible as a main goal🫡

We are happy to confirm this rework is coming early this summer! ☀️

Here you can see all the details about new item panel blog changes👇

Refreshed Main Page

It’s top-secret info but we can let you see a little 👀👇

All the details – later down the season😏

New Coin To Deposit 

More options – more freedom to play your way 🦅 TON token coming for deposits, we will share more details very soon!

Weekend quests

Weekends usually go slowly as all the quests are done. So we decided to spice it up a little and give just one more challenge to overcome – weekend quests 📈

📃These weekend quests would include: playing games, earning RLT on the Task Wall, reaching a certain level in the season/progressing through an event, and so on.

Just a little more to do and earn for you on lonely weekends 💯

News is great so we have no reason to delay our journey any longer! Embark the train and let’s roll to the great crypto places 🤩