Real Crypto in Free Bitcoin Games. How Cool Is That?

Imagine playing games that you love all day long, and get rewarded with real bitcoin.Now let's add some elegant 8-bit style and addictive arcade gameplay. Play popular games, transform your living room into the best mining centre and withdraw real BTC to your wallet.

Too good to be true? Why don't you find out? 😎

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RollerCoin as Bitcoin Gaming Revolution

What comes to your mind when you hear FREE BITCOIN GAME?

Try looking around the internet for bitcoin mining games worth trying. Let us save your time, all you'll find is casinos and gambling that accept your crypto as bets to drain your wallet out 😟 That's all you need to know about the market of bitcoin games online.

Here is an entirely different story. We created a completely functional simulator of crypto mining, which gets you REAL BTC, DOGE, ETH and other crypto coins to mine and withdraw💰

Unlike other free bitcoin games, all crypto that you mine here is not virtual, but is actually available to withdraw to any crypto wallet!

What are you waiting for?

Play free bitcoin games online 🎮

Improve your mining center 🏗

Get to the top! 🏆

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How to Mine BTC here?

In RollerCoin, you start with an empty room, which you will turn into a mining center, and a desktop PC, ready for a bitcoin game.

You have started this journey because you dreamed of mining real cryptocurrency, and now your dreams come true, play games for bitcoins💎

But keep in mind that there are other players that want free bitcoin too, so if you are serious about your plans, you need to overcome them in the best bitcoin miner game💪

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This is a simulator of real mining, so the theory is pretty much the same:

  • There is a global mining pool, where the power of every RollerCoin player is combined.
  • Bitcoin reward is hidden in a mining block, which is calculated every 10 minutes approximately. The reward is separated between all players, according to their mining power.
  • The more mining power you have - the more crypto you win.

As soon as you receive your first crypto coins - you can withdraw it or reinvest into miners. More hash - more cash, remember?

Energy from playing games is temporary and goes down after a while, power from miners is permanent.

If you want to reach the highest potential of your mining centre - you can buy mining machines. Buying new equipment boosts your power significantly, getting you higher to the ranks. It’s all started with a free bitcoin mining game, but it ends up with real crypto falling to your wallet!

Feeling excited?

Bitcoin mining is fun and interesting with RollerCoin.

Get on board! ⛵️

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RollerCoin Games

Use your in-game PC to play games for bitcoin. It's low at the start, but every single win gives additional energy to your mining power. Play game get bitcoin - it is that simple!

Have a look at our Bitcoin mining games!

2048 Coins

bitcoin game coins

Slide the deck to stack two matching coins, every merge creates the coin of higher rank. You are playing against the clock, so better think fast! All ranks are listed on the right side. Caution: highly addictive.

Coin click

bitcoin game CoinClick

Bring down all the falling coins by clicking on them before they reach the ground. You can hit as many as you can see on the screen. More downed coins means more reward. Be strong!


bitcoin game Coin-Match

Use your skills, logic, and imagination to eliminate more coins in this match-three puzzle game. Click and drag the coin to move it and make matches of up to five coins in a row – vertical or horizontal, but not diagonal. Good luck!

Token Surfer

bitcoin game Token Surfer

Conquer the rooftops of RollerCoin city! It's just you, skateboard and shiny coins to collect. Jump over the obstacles, avoid angry birds and try not to fall. Press double jump to make a flip. Now GO and get as many coins as you can!

bitcoin empire

Build your mining empire

Now you have your first mining rig, new PC, and real satoshi on the virtual wallet 🎉

What are you up to?🤔

🎲Play games Play games improve your mining center?🎲

🎖Withdraw And spend everything or reinvest and mine more? 🎖

☀️Mine BTC on alone, or invite your friends and receive referral commissions?☀️

🍀You are free to keep up with any strategy you want in RollerCoin🍀

Step up into your mining journey!