Real Crypto in Free Bitcoin Games. How Cool Is That?

Imagine playing games that you love all day long, and get rewarded with real bitcoin.Now let's add some elegant 8-bit style and addictive arcade gameplay. Play popular games, transform your living room into the best mining centre and withdraw real BTC to your wallet.

Too good to be true? Why don't you find out? 😎

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RollerCoin as Bitcoin Gaming Revolution

What comes to your mind when you hear FREE BITCOIN GAME?

Try looking around the internet for bitcoin mining games worth trying. Let us save your time, all you'll find is casinos and gambling that accept your crypto as bets to drain your wallet out 😟 That's all you need to know about the market of bitcoin games online.

Here is an entirely different story. We created a completely functional simulator of crypto mining, which gets you REAL BTC, DOGE, ETH and other crypto coins to mine and withdraw💰

Unlike other free bitcoin games, all crypto that you mine here is not virtual, but is actually available to withdraw to any crypto wallet!

What are you waiting for?

Play free bitcoin games online 🎮

Improve your mining center 🏗

Get to the top! 🏆

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How to Mine BTC here?

In RollerCoin, you start with an empty room, which you will turn into a mining center, and a desktop PC, ready for a bitcoin game.

You have started this journey because you dreamed of mining real cryptocurrency, and now your dreams come true, play games for bitcoins💎

But keep in mind that there are other players that want free bitcoin too, so if you are serious about your plans, you need to overcome them in the best bitcoin miner game💪

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This is a simulator of real mining, so the theory is pretty much the same:

  • There is a global mining pool, where the power of every RollerCoin player is combined.
  • Bitcoin reward is hidden in a mining block, which is calculated every 10 minutes approximately. The reward is separated between all players, according to their mining power.
  • The more mining power you have - the more crypto you win.

As soon as you receive your first crypto coins - you can withdraw it or reinvest into miners. More hash - more cash, remember?

Energy from playing games is temporary and goes down after a while, power from miners is permanent.

If you want to reach the highest potential of your mining centre - you can buy mining machines. Buying new equipment boosts your power significantly, getting you higher to the ranks. It’s all started with a free bitcoin mining game, but it ends up with real crypto falling to your wallet!

Feeling excited?

Bitcoin mining is fun and interesting with RollerCoin.

Get on board! ⛵️

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RollerCoin Games

Use your in-game PC to play games for bitcoin. It's low at the start, but every single win gives additional energy to your mining power. Play game get bitcoin - it is that simple!

Have a look at our Bitcoin mining games!

2048 Coins

bitcoin game coins

Slide the deck to stack two matching coins, every merge creates the coin of higher rank. You are playing against the clock, so better think fast! All ranks are listed on the right side. Caution: highly addictive.

Coin click

bitcoin game CoinClick

Bring down all the falling coins by clicking on them before they reach the ground. You can hit as many as you can see on the screen. More downed coins means more reward. Be strong!


bitcoin game Coin-Match

Use your skills, logic, and imagination to eliminate more coins in this match-three puzzle game. Click and drag the coin to move it and make matches of up to five coins in a row – vertical or horizontal, but not diagonal. Good luck!

Token Surfer

bitcoin game Token Surfer

Conquer the rooftops of RollerCoin city! It's just you, skateboard and shiny coins to collect. Jump over the obstacles, avoid angry birds and try not to fall. Press double jump to make a flip. Now GO and get as many coins as you can!

bitcoin empire

Build your mining empire

Now you have your first mining rig, new PC, and real satoshi on the virtual wallet 🎉

What are you up to?🤔

🎲Play games Play games improve your mining center?🎲

🎖Withdraw And spend everything or reinvest and mine more? 🎖

☀️Mine BTC on alone, or invite your friends and receive referral commissions?☀️

🍀You are free to keep up with any strategy you want in RollerCoin🍀

Step up into your mining journey!

Can I Earn Bitcoins by Playing Games?

Is it possible to earn money just by playing games? It's a question we seldom dare ask. In the world of Bitcoins, the answer is yes. Although it may seem too fantastic to be accurate, it is true. Apparently, these games are gaining a lot of popularity, at least among those interested in cryptocurrencies and playing them.

Several online gaming sites offer users free Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, attracting much attention from the global cryptocurrency community.

Almost every online gambler knows of a couple of simple games offered on such platforms because that's where they make money. Getting passive income through Bitcoin gaming websites is a great way to have fun.

There is an increasing chance of earning Bitcoins as more and more people participate in the games. Even though it is a high-risk company, you can still make a lot of money in it, even if it is risky. Some game categories offer free credits every 30 minutes to players who participate in the games. There is, however, a danger that you could lose money if you play these games.

Can I Earn Bitcoins by Playing Games?

Among the many ways in which gamers can monetize their hobby is by playing games that can be sold for money. It is possible for anyone interested in making money with cryptocurrencies to make use of their devices to connect to the games of their choice and to either play or buy in-game NFTs in order to make this happen.

The acceptance of cryptocurrency payments in-game is now available in several games. Most of these games use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) rather than their own custom-made tokens. However, more and more games are being developed that integrate the Lightning Network to allow players to be paid in Bitcoin.

The gaming sector is expanding at an astounding pace. According to a survey by InvestGame, public offerings in the gaming industry increased from USD 4.9 billion in 2020 To USD 17.1 billion in 2021 over the first half. Investments made privately more than quadrupled.

Interestingly, more businesses are investing in blockchain since the gaming sector is also seen as one of the frontiers for widespread adoption.

While play-to-earn bitcoin games are becoming more popular and finding a niche among crypto-savvy gamers, Bitcoiners are also becoming more interested in blockchain games, which are primarily based on Ethereum (ETH).

Additionally, it makes sense for a worldwide audience to incorporate the Lightning Network as a payment layer to play-to-earn games. Unlike Ethereum, the average person in a developing market country cannot afford its high gas prices.

In contrast, on LN, you can instantly make bitcoin micropayments, which are almost free of charge.

There is a steady increase in the number of Bitcoin gaming businesses that are incorporating Lightning Network-powered, borderless micropayments into their play-to-earn games as a result.

How to Earn Bitcoins by Playing Games?

Unlike other games, such as chess or poker, these games use NFTs as tokens to represent assets, such as rare intangible goods. You may consider items such as land plots, avatars, outfits, tools, and gold bars. Following the discovery and accumulation of these items through gaming, players can sell them to others in exchange for cryptocurrencies or trade them for various NFTs.

In some games, players can improve their earnings potential by leveling up and upgrading their characters, placing monetized constructions on their property that other players can pay to use, or entering tournaments to increase their earnings potential.

The NFT and cryptocurrency transaction data is maintained on a public blockchain to track what each participant possesses and what they purchase with their NFTs.

This distributed, digital record-keeping technology relies on a vast computer network. As a result of using this technology in gaming, the following advantages are gained:

  • Players can readily substantiate their ownership of in-game objects.
  • It is more likely that gamers won't lose track of their possessions even if the underlying gaming firm encounters technological difficulties because there is no single point of failure.
  • A play-earned item cannot be copied, destroyed or taken away from another player.
  • For custody, clearing, and settlement purposes, a cryptocurrency designed specifically for gaming do not require a third party's involvement.

Additionally, certain games include DeFi components, such as staking, which allows users to lock away tokens in exchange for yearly interest and other benefits that can be redeemed for new products or content.

Are Bitcoin Games Legit?

The answer is yes; Bitcoin games are 100% genuine and legitimate. It is in your best interest to research whether or not the governments of the countries in which you are interested in playing these games have authorized and regulated the Bitcoin games. After you have selected the best, most dependable, and most trustworthy Bitcoin game service, you won't need to worry about anything else.

Because of the constraints placed on some of these games, it is in your best interest to comply with the regulations and policies of the specific game where you are participating in the activity in which you will be using the free money.

The vast majority of these online game sites will provide you with free money or Satoshi to play and evaluate their game; nevertheless, you won't be able to withdraw your earnings during this period. You need to fulfill the conditions set out by the website to successfully complete the withdrawal procedure before you can request payment of any winnings.

Certain games require you to withdraw a certain minimum quantity of Bitcoin or play inside the game for a certain length of time before you can cash out. For instance, you must have been a game member for the last three months or do some kind of business there.

Can I Win Bitcoin Through Games?

Yes, you may play games for virtual currency at many online Bitcoin games if you're interested in doing so. Because they enable the crypto community to get free Bitcoins every hour by taking part in easy games, these online games are rising in popularity.

Numerous enjoyable games are available for gamers on bitcoin gaming sites. These games often give players free Satoshis to retain their interest. These online gamblers may get some free Bitcoins only by installing gambling applications.

The future of gaming is in bitcoin games. As they progress through stages and rack up points, gamblers receive BTCs. These points may be redeemed for Bitcoins, which are then sent to the associated wallet.

You may play no-deposit games for free at any online game. These games are entertaining to play, and if you win, you may gain free Bitcoins. In these games, you may always exchange your points for Bitcoin, although winning requires some talent.

Yes, you may play games for virtual currency at many online Bitcoin games if you're interested in doing so. Because they enable the crypto community to get free Bitcoins every hour by taking part in easy games, these online games are rising in popularity.

Thanks to these online games, many internet gamblers may play their preferred games without being constrained by rules. Online Bitcoin games, in contrast to conventional games, provide a selection of games to players all over the globe. If you want to earn the appropriate amount of Bitcoins, you must consider a few key elements before selecting an online game.

Why Will Gaming Platforms Pay You Money?

The notion that several gaming platforms, including the online game, provide players with free Bitcoins without asking for any payment is often regarded with skepticism by many gaming enthusiasts. It is true, however, that some sites give out Bitcoins as a reward for taking part in easy games.

One such worth mentioning site is, where users use their in-game PC to play games for bitcoin. Even though users may be able to make very little money at first, with the number of wins they keep getting, the quality of their power to mine increases, resulting in them making huge profits.

You can earn free bitcoins by playing dozens of games on Here are a few of the games and how they work.

1. 2048 Coins

Each time two matching coins are stacked on top of each other, a coin of higher rank is created. As you keep on merging numbers, you get more and more points. The trick is that you have to think fast since you are playing against the clock! As you play, you can find a list of all ranks on the right side of the screen. The platform cautions users of being addicted to this game.

2. Coin Click

The goal is to stop all the falling coins before they reach the ground by clicking on them. There is no limit to how many you can hit on the screen. The more coins that are downed, the greater the reward. Keep your head up!

3. Coin Match

Play this match-three puzzle game to eliminate more coins using your logic, skills, and imagination. You can match up to five coins vertically or horizontally, but not diagonally, by clicking and dragging the coin.