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First off, did you know that BNB was born in 2017? Why, you ask? To build the Binance exchange, of course! BNB made a grand entrance, and with a market cap of $36.40 B, it stands as one of the most successful cryptos in the world.

As of 2023, Binance has 89.5 million users. That's akin to EVERYONE in Germany having a Binance account! Out of 25 NFT games, 14 prefer the Binance Smart Chain. And Binance doesn't just have an NFT marketplace; it's THE LARGEST one globally. Mona Lisa, step aside — Binance's pixel art is taking the stage!

Jump aboard the Rollercoin express and lose yourself in a universe where gaming meets crypto — ride the BNB wave, mining free Binance coin absolutely for FREE!

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You could dive into the deep end with pools, fancy miners, and some wishful thinking. Or, opt for an adventure off the beaten path.

Rollercoin offers a golden ticket to the world of BNB, without emptying your pockets. Established since 2018, it's more than just a mining simulator. It's a playground where gaming fun translates to BNB treasure!

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1. Create Your Account

Jumpstart your journey by signing up using your email or Facebook account.


2. Customize Your Avatar

Embrace your individuality by crafting an avatar that encapsulates your extravagant or understated essence.


3. Play Games

Enjoy a nostalgic trip with retro-inspired 8-bit games enhancing your mining power with each victory.


4. Buy Miners

Investing in more miners equals more BNB. This simple formula spells out substantial returns for you.

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5. Earn BNB

As long as your BNB mining power remains, fresh BNB coins will keep filling your virtual wallet.


6. Withdraw Your Crypto

Enjoy the flexibility to withdraw your BNB rewards any day of the week.

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Multi-Mining Feels Good, Man

Rollercoin makes mining many coins easy, including BNB, BTC, ETH, TRX, PEPE, SHIBA, LTC, MATIC, and more. And support for even more coins is coming. So fill your wallet with one of our supported coins (TRX, BTC, Doge, ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD, MATIC) and start earning today.


Speedy Withdrawals

Enjoy the swift luxury of accessing your coins within a 24-hour window.

Quirky Games

Unique Style

Rollercoin fuses the best of retro and modern styles to create something that feels fresh and nostalgic at the same time.


Gameplay That’ll Make You Kek

Our arcade games are designed to keep you entertained no matter what genre you like. It’s fun. It’s easy to pick-up-and-play. And it earns you real crypto.

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Join the Community

We’ve got a global community that’s growing by the day. And you’re invited to be a part of it (along with all your Facebook, Discord, and Twitter friends).

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Build Your Crypto Kingdom

Construct your data center. Upgrade it. Farm crypto while you sleep.


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Invite a friend to the RollerCoin universe and receive 15% from any purchase they make and 25% from every coin they mine.


24/7 Support

Our helpful, friendly team offers such support 24/7. So you can always get an answer to your question.

Start mining BNB online with RollerCoin right now!

How to Get BNB for Free?

BNB is the native cryptocurrency of the Binance Exchange BNB Chain Ecosystem. Binance first built the BNB chain on top of Ethereum and launched the coin in July 2017 before moving to its native chain, The Binance Smart Chain. BNB’s goal is to discount trading fees across loyal traders on the Binance Exchange. Over the years, it has grown and pulled a loyal community along, making it one of the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

How to Get BNB for Free?

Multiple ways exist to get free BNB coins. However, they are only sometimes easy, given the high value of the Binance Coin. The most popular method for getting free BNB is enrolling in a free BNB mining program on the Binance Launchpool. It is worth noting that this method requires one to have some crypto savings on their Binance wallet to join the BNB mining launch pool. And this would make it capital-intensive for someone starting in free BNB mining.

Meanwhile, the promise to get free BNB online has got some into too-good-a-deal scams when they stumble on flashy free BNB generator advertisements. This has resulted in many unsuspecting internet surfers losing significant amounts of money through free BNB scams. The other thing that could happen is losing your personal financial information to online delinquents. At times, the free BNB generator scams will not function as expected, thereby leading to a loss of both time and effort.

However, apart from earning free BNB through the launch pool, other legitimate methods include completing surveys, executing crypto faucets, watching ad time, and completing microtasks. The best thing about most of these methods is the referral feature that pays you additional free BNB bonuses for inviting people to the program.

How Can I Mine BNB?

The Binance Exchange does not support the traditional method of mining cryptocurrencies when it comes to the BNB coin. Instead, the blockchain uses a Proof of Stake instead of the Proof of Work method on majority blockchains such as Bitcoin. Therefore, you only need to lock up part of your BNB coins as collateral to help secure the BNB chain network. Someone who has staked on the network is called a node or validator - and their work is to check whether transactions on the network are valid.

If you want to stake your BNB on the Binance exchange and earn some free mining BNB, register as an account on the exchange, purchase some Binance Coins, and choose a suitable staking pool on the Binance Smart Chain.

Despite the inner design of BNB lacking any mining capabilities, more people have continued providing secret hacks for mining unmineable coins like BNB. For example, unMineable is one free BNB coin mining site where users can mine free crypto by joining a free BNB mining pool.

The website supports a variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from. However, you need to acquire Proofs of Work equipment such as ASICs and a robust personal computer.

How to Mine BNB for Free

BNB mining is valuable and worth the effort for those with the time and resources to mine an extra free BNB coin. The prerequisites include a personal computer, followed by a mining rig, and software programs connected to the BNB chain blockchain. Having a rig makes the mining process easy and profitable. We highly encourage non-tech-savvy users to try out our free BNB mining platform and rate how the RollerCoin Proof-of-Work algorithm makes it easy to mine unmineable coins.

Another easy method for free BNB coin mining without investing your cash is joining a free BNB mining pool and pulling computing resources together to boost up processing power. Mining pools help connect fragmented nodes and merge them into one node with boosted power and speed. When the operation successfully mines and profits from the operation, the pool rewards each node with free BNB coins depending on their contribution to the network.

This is a suitable mining method for anyone looking out for a free BNB mining website, particularly for starters who want the most minimal effort when setting up the free BNB generator system and solving blocks effortlessly. Each user gets a free BNB for contributing to the network and becoming a part of the pool. It does not matter whether they are using CPU hardware; a pool makes it convenient to engage in BNB mining online.

Get Free BNB by Playing Games on Free BNB Mining Sites

The good news is the hundreds of flashy free BNB mining websites out there. The bad news is the majority of them are scams that promise quick riches. They are either aimed at stealing your personal financial information or pilfering thousands of dollars from unsuspecting customers. To avoid the hustler and pain of locating legitimate free BNB mining sites, a team of developers came together and built a lucrative yet easy-to-use BNB crypto mining virtual game. With zero investment, gamers turn their hobbies into a free Binance coin-mining platform. RollerCoin is a virtual crypto mining simulator for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and BNB, among other popular crypto coins.

When you play on a simulator, the more games you play, the more your mining power increases, which boosts your ability to acquire more free BNB. Once you mine free BNB through RollerCoin, ensure you purchase more virtual miners to level up your mining game and get even more. When you make enough profit, just visit your accounts dashboard and withdraw your mined BNB to a crypto wallet.

How to Get Free BNB with RollerCoin

Sign up - RolleCoin lets you register on the platform using your Facebook account or through your email account. After you have registered on the platform, the next step is customizing your character and starting the gameplay.

Playing the games - RollerCoin supports a diverse range of 8-bit arcade games that are not only fun and familiar but also profitable and free BNB-generating. Every win you celebrate on the platform levels up your mining power.

Purchase more virtual miners to unlock more power - Your mining potential on RollerCoin relies on the power of your virtual data centers. Buying more miners boosts the power of the data centers and increases your ability to generate more free BNBs.

Withdrawing is the next step after playing RollerCoin’s free BNB mining games. The free crypto coins are withdrawable straight to your wallet. As you can see, the process is straightforward. No investments, just play, and Jack gets it all.

A large, supportive, friendly community of players - RollerCoin is home to 200,000+ players, a majority of who sign in to the platform daily. The gaming community runs on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

Sensational games suitable for persons of all ages - Games on RollerCoin are constantly improving, changing, and aligning to user demands for entertainment. The well-developed game also has a robust P2E mechanism that allows every player to mine free crypto while enjoying their favorite 8-bit arcade games.

Multiple coins include Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, BNB, Tron, etc. The deposit and withdrawal methods support each of the mentioned coins.

Referral payouts for inviting friends to RollerCoin - The platform deposits 25% of the mined cryptocurrencies in your invitee`s wallet and also rewards you with 15% of all in-game purchases the invitees make.

Free BNB Mining Software

Free BNB mining software simplifies the process of free BNB mining. The software makes it possible to mine free BNB using minimal equipment for acquiring free Binance coins. Go to free BNB mining sites and download free BNB mining applications for Linux, MacOSX, or Windows - depending on your system requirements. Some of the apps you find are convertible to credit-card-sized processors that work on devices like the Raspberry Pi. After finding your specific free BNB mining software, the next step is customizing the system according to your gameplay.

Set Up a BNB Wallet

Check out different types of cryptocurrency wallets that support Binance Coin. There are several considerations you will need to put in mind before choosing a suitable wallet. Such considerations include security, authentication, and customer support. It is important for the wallet you pick to support BNB so that you can receive your free BNB coins conveniently.

A few questions to ask yourself when picking up a suitable cryptocurrency wallet for RollerCoin include: whether you will be using only Bitcoin, the amount of money you intend to keep safe and privacy features.

Remember, safety and security are the top priorities. If the wallet you choose lacks security features, the chances of losing your crypto are high. Ensure you also take good care of the private key.

Install Free Bitcoin Mining Software

Installing a Crypto Hardware Wallet

Setting up a cryptocurrency hardware wallet is usually time-consuming. Nonetheless, the wallet is worth your time, given the high-security measures on hardware wallets. Remember, a hardware wallet is often-times a cold wallet - one not connected to the internet. Due to this offline nature, hackers have no possible way of hacking into them. This, therefore, safeguards your BNB holdings from cyber criminals and malware attacks. The good thing is they come with user manuals and support documents to help you set up the system. Setting up a cold hardware wallet involves three important steps. First, download the required software for running the hardware wallet on the blockchain, and then note down the recovery phrase of your wallet’s private keys and then connect the hardware wallet to the computer.

Setting Up a Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet

BNB mobile wallets are simple to set up. The first step is visiting your mobile phone’s app store and looking for either Edge or BRD. These two are the best examples of good cryptocurrency wallets. Accepting crypto is possible as soon as you finish registering for an account on the wallet application. The only crucial step you need to be careful with is backing up your private keys on a piece of paper or in a notebook. This is one of the first few steps for customizing and setting up the wallet. The backup often expresses the recovery phrase as a 12 - 24 letters passphrase. Losing the backup word translates to losing your crypto savings in case you misplace or lose your phone.

Setting Up a Desktop Wallet

Setting up a desktop crypto wallet is similar to a mobile wallet. First, you need to choose a suitable BNB wallet, then go on and download the wallet. Sometimes the desktop wallet could be a browser extension, a web-based wallet, or a piece of software.

One of the very first steps involves creating a backup for the recovery phase for your private keys. You need to continue with all those steps and consider noting down the recovery phase on a piece of paper. An advantage of desktop wallets is the availability of graphs, charts, and portfolio monitoring features. These allow users to track their crypto holdings and draw out investment goals. Examples of desktop wallets include Atomic Wallet, Jaxx Liberty, and Exodus Wallet.

Join a BNB Mining Pool

BNB mining pools mine, distribute, and collect mined cryptocurrencies using pre-built algorithms. Besides, the pool pulls together a squad of free BNB mining miners and uses their collective computing resources to boost up speed and power. Afterward, the mining pool collects the free miner rewards and distributes them to individual miners. The rate of free BNB rewards correlates with the number of computing resources they contribute.

Free BNB Mining Pool Payout Methods

Pay Per Share

Each BNB mining pool member provides the blockchain network with a hash rate. The hash rate is expressed as a share per round, where the system rewards each accepted share during each round of total payouts. Meanwhile, all members of the pool share the profits of the mining operation. The sharePay payout method suits intermittent miners who face frequent power and connection interruptions.


In the score payout method, the amount of payout is designated as one of the user’s moving average hash rates, with either a ramp-up or downtime whenever the user halts the mining activity.

Full Pay Per Share

This payout method is similar to the aforementioned pay-per-share model. However, there is an additional reward in the form of transaction fees.

Pay Per Last N Share

Members of a pool receive payment once they discover a new collection. However, they each have to pay all their shares on the earlier blocks in case they don’t discover a new one. The pay per last N share suits full-time miners who do not pause their operations.


What Is BNB?

BNB, or the Binance Coin, is the native cryptocurrency of the Binance Chain Ecosystem, a property of the Binance Exchange. The BNB coin was launched in July 2017 as an initial coin offering token. BNB’s main goal was to provide discounts on trading and transaction fees for traders on the Binance exchange. Continued growth and popularity have brought billions of users to the exchange. Most of them acquire and actively trade BNB daily. This has increased the crypto’s popularity, driven its adoption, and there increased the market capitalization and price of the coin.

How Can I Get BNB for Free?

Downloading and using cryptocurrency apps - there are many crypto applications out there that can reward users with free BNB. An individual needs to only register on the platform, and complete a few tasks like learning about a trading feature, verifying your identity, confirming your email, and completing KYC. Free BNB generator websites that reward users with free BNB coins could be an exchange, defi protocol, wallets, web 3.0 games, mining platforms, and so on. Swagbucks is one example.

Receiving free cryptocurrencies through platforms - Some free BNB websites will reward users with Binance Coins when they take part in their quizzes and learning programs. Other exchanges, such as Coinbase, could reward you with free crypto when you learn about their education programs. After getting the crypto, users can convert them to BNB and probably safeguard them in a cryptocurrency wallet. Besides, participating in some free crypto referral programs qualifies you for some bonus payouts.

Completing online surveys is yet another method of miniing free cryptocurrency by answering product surveys, market questionnaires, and so on. A good example of a free crypto rewards surveys platform is Toluna.

Is Free BNB Legit?

Yes. People can earn significant amounts of free BNB through legitimate ways. The most common way of geting free BNB or any crypto is through trading. As you can see, this method involves buying and selling crypto. Hence it requires a given amount of money to start. However, it is possible to obtain BNB for free without putting much effort. You only need to be careful of flashy ad promotions, which might have scammers. For instance, RollerCoin enables users to take part in free BNB mining activities and play games, thereby giving them a chance to mine BNB.

Can I Mine BNB for Free?

Gambling, free BNB faucets, BNB games, and crypto mining are some of the ways to make free BNB. We don`t encourage gambling here at the RollerCoin, but just in case you have to gamble, ensure you gamble responsibly. Faucets allow users to get a little extra coins on the side when they complete simple, specific tasks. Playing games, on the other hand, makes it easy to mine cryptocurrency.