🤔 Is There Any FUN in Free Dogecoin Faucet Possible?

If you ever tried standard doge faucets - the most fun activity you had there - clicking on the same ad 300 times 🤣

It is time for a change now! Mining DOGE can be interesting and fun! 👑

Join RollerCoin and get REAL DOGE by playing a game! 🕹

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💦 DOGE Faucet - What to Expect?

Dogecoin faucet is the website or service where you complete some paid actions and receive a small reward for it. Usually, the actions they require you to do is watching some boring advertising videos, registering on the websites you will never use in your entire life, clicking on stupid ads or spamming comments.

Let's be honest, yes it's a free doge faucet, but do you really want to be a robot that just repeats the same actions thousands of times?

The worst thing is that the doge faucet owner takes the whole profit of your actions and gives you some dust in the wind.💨


Don't waste your time on free dogecoin faucets you don't like! Receive REAL DOGECOINS by playing games, creating your virtual data center and building your mining empire!

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How to Get DOGE🐶 from RollerCoin?

sing up

1. Create an Account👤

Sign up is easy and free! Use your email or Facebook account.

create character

2. Customize Your Character🎨

Be creative! Go for a player that looks just like you, or copy a friend you like!

play games

3. Play games🕹

Unlike doge faucets - our games are fun! Everytime you win a game - you receive an extra mining power.

raise power

4. Raise Power⚡

The more mining power you have - the more doge you will get!

mining center

5. Upgrade Your Mining Center🤖

Purchase better mining equipment and farm DOGE like a boss!


6. Withdraw DOGE💰

RollerCoin uses a secure Blockchain protocol to send DOGE, ETH, BNB and BTC to your players every day!

😒After all of this you still think that a free dogecoin faucet is cool?

Forget dogecoin faucet! Join RollerCoin and start your next generation journey of mining dogecoins!🤑

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Why is RollerCoin BETTER Than Dogecoin Faucets?💪



Mine BTC, Doge, ETH, Matic, BNB, SOL, and stay tuned, since new coins will be added! You may withdraw BTC, Doge, ETH, BNB and soon we will have Matic withdrawal. As for deposits - feel free to fill your in-game wallets with BTC, Doge, ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD and Matic in the nearest future!

fast withdrawals

Instant Withdrawals💸

We send crypto to our players on a daily basis.



RollerCoin is one of a kind. Our game is a competitive and detailed simulator of mining.

unique style

Unique Style🍀

Pretty 8-bit environment of the RollerCoin universe makes it look fresh and nostalgic at the same time.



Our players are located all over the Globe and very friendly. Find your best friends in our social networks and Discord channel!

mining facility

Personal Farming Center🏰

You don't need pricy equipment, just upgrade your data center in the game and mine crypto even while you are offline!

referral Program

Referral Program🔑

Invite your friends and receive 25% from every satoshi they mine and 15% from any of their purchases.


24/7 Support🎧

Our support team is always ready to answer your questions and assist you in your needs.

Get crypto by playing

What are you waiting for? Start playing and mining today!