Play Games and Make Bitcoin FOR FREE. Real or fake? Let's find out!

Get free Bitcoin online and build the largest cloud mining center. All you have to do is play our classic 8-bit arcade games, accumulate enough mining power, and withdraw payouts in real crypto to your Bitcoin wallet.

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Free Bitcoin Mining and RollerCoin

Mining Bitcoin is capital-intensive. You will need tons of electricity, hundreds of thousands of computing power, and a reliable cooling system. Mining free Bitcoin online, as promised by many cloud mining services, may turn out to be a scam or have hundreds of daily intrusive ads.

But what if we told you there was an ad-free method for mining Bitcoin for free? RollerCoin is a virtual Bitcoin mining simulator that allows you to mine free Satoshi online with zero investment. The genuine method allows you to withdraw your crypto rewards in Bitcoin and reinvest them back into the mining process. However, reinvesting is your choice, but you will learn how to increase your winnings by investing in more mining power. At RollerCoin, the more mining power, the more the income.

It is worth mentioning that you don’t have to watch ads or type in CAPTCHA on RollerCoin, contrary to most Bitcoin faucets. All you need to get free Bitcoin is to play games, mine, mine, and mine.

Save yourself from the unreliability of watching billions of ads or clicking thousands of boring links to make a single dollar. Play fun games, mine free Bitcoin, and withdraw your winnings. 💰

Start building your own Bitcoin mining center!

Gain free Bitcoin online, have fun playing games, build a bigger mining center, and withdraw real cryptocurrency. Enjoy the 8-bit classic games, compete, climb the ranks, and bring your community for generous commissions.

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How to get free Bitcoin in RollerCoin?

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Sign up

Signing up on RollerCoin is free and simple. The only thing you need is your email or a Facebook account. Once you create an account, play a few games to boost your mining power and finally mine your first free Bitcoin. 🔥


Play Games

Play from an extensive list of 8-bit arcade games. These games are fun, familiar, and rewarding. You will never regret a day on RollerCoin. The more games you win, the more you get free Bitcoin. 🎮

Upgrade Your Miner

Now that you have a virtual mining center, like any other great entrepreneur, use some of your Bitcoin rewards to get more mining equipment. The more mining equipment you have, the bigger your virtual mining center and your Bitcoin winnings will be. 💎



RollerCoin supports multiple cryptocurrencies and all types of Bitcoin wallets. Hence, you can withdraw your rewards anytime you want. Just enter your Bitcoin wallet address and claim an instant withdrawal. 🍀

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Sounds too good to be true?

Every Bitcoiner is a dreamer. Our dream was to innovate a revolutionary Bitcoin mining simulator and make you part of it. We realized this dream with our Bitcoin mining simulator, which boasts a 4 million worldwide user base. But this dream of ours is only complete with you in the picture. Come find out for yourself whether we succeeded in building a one-of-a-kind free Bitcoin mining center. 🤔

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RollerCoin Advantages

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Large and Friendly Community

RollerCoin has over 4 million registered players, and hundreds of thousands are active daily. Join the community and become part of a thriving ecosystem of free Bitcoin miners. RollerCoin is on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

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Exciting Gameplay and Constant Improvements

We are constantly improving our games and upgrading the user experience. Our goal is to ensure our players are entertained and rewarded. Each RollerCoin game is one step away from your NEXT FREE BTC.


Do you want to get more than free Bitcoin? RollerCoin supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including ETH, SOL, BNB, MATIC, DOGE, and SHIB, and many more are coming. Payouts are possible in BTC, DOGE, ETH, Matic, SOL, and BNB.


Referral Program

Invite family and friends to join your crypto-mining community on RollerCoin. For each free cryptocurrency they mine, you get a generous 25%. If they spend some of their winnings on an in-game purchase, you get 15% of their spend. You are probably saying that getting free Bitcoins was never this easy! Sure, you are right.


Start to mine Bitcoins online with RollerCoin!

How To Get Bitcoins For Free?

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding bitcoin for years, but it went off the rails in 2021 when the price of bitcoin surpassed $61,000. Even though it has continued to fall ever since then, there is no question that recovery is anticipated.

Bitcoin and other digital currencies were exceedingly volatile in the past, and investing in them was only recommended for those who deeply understood the market and the crypto world. However, this notion is somewhat less strictly adhered to these days due to the growing number of governments and organizations that acknowledge it.

There are already an increasing number of individuals who are interested in getting this precious cryptocurrency for themselves. But what if you could have it without spending any money and just by playing games? Although it may seem implausible at first glance, this is, in fact, a real possibility. And we assure you that it is not a hoax.

Listed below are some free ways to earn bitcoin:

  • Sign up with an exchange
  • Crypto Staking
  • Mining
  • Playing games
  • Learn and Earn
  • Crypto Lending
  • Airdrop
  • Surveys

If you're wondering how to get bitcoins free, continue reading.

How Can I Mine Bitcoins?

Bitcoin mining is based on hash verification, which confirms transactions in Bitcoin. As soon as transactions are confirmed, miners provide security to the Bitcoin network's distributed ledger. Every second, Bitcoins are mined at the rate indicated by the hashes.

Using the previous block's hash, a miner sends a new transaction to the network of nodes, creating a new Bitcoin block. When miners confirm that the new block's accuracy is accurate, the network approves the transaction.

A bitcoin miner earns a living by mining bitcoins on the Bitcoin network. Bitcoins are created by the mining pool and sent to each miner. Mining rewards are determined by the amount of computational power brought to the table by miners.

Before aspiring Bitcoin miners can dig for free bitcoin, the absolute necessities must be on hand. In order to answer how to get free bitcoin, here are a few things you will need. To begin with, you need to install a Bitcoin wallet. Then, once that's done, you need to create an account to store your earnings.

To transfer money, you will need to establish an online bank account after creating your wallet account. A free mining app is also available for your smartphone, where you can easily earn Bitcoin. After downloading the Bitcoin mining software for free, you must configure it and connect your Bitcoin mining account to your Bitcoin wallet.

How To Mine Bitcoin For Free?

Bitcoin mining gives value. Cryptocurrency mining is labor-intensive. Most bitcoin miners want to spend less time on their digital assets. A rig makes mining simpler and more profitable. Software platforms provide more ways to connect with and access the blockchain.

You can start to mine bitcoin for free if you are a beginner. Here's how to mine Bitcoin without investing.

This won't be as fast or profitable as a rig, but you can still mine on your PC. No longer is this the optimal method. However, it still works with a powerful CPU and fast internet.

Bitcoin pool configuration

Use a"Bitcoin mining pool"Bitcoin Brotherhood members combine resources to increase processing power. As a result, each unit connected to a network speeds up the mining process for everyone.

This is a great option to earn free bitcoins. Each user would earn a share for being part of the pool, even if they performed minimal effort to locate a block. In addition, as a new user with CPU hardware, you will receive some Bitcoin.

Get Free Bitcoin by Playing Games

Mining Bitcoin online is a tasty looking bait which is promised by many cloud mining websites. But unfortunately, the risk of being scammed is very high - your account might be simply blocked after you mine enough BTC to make a withdrawal.

But is there a way to mine Bitcoin for free without any investment? As it turned out - there is. You may get free Bitcoin online with RollerCoin - an online Bitcoin mining simulator! Play games, increase your mining power and get your Bitcoins. There is no mandatory investment to mine Bitcoin for free. You can use what you’ve mined to buy virtual miners which would do the job for you, or simply withdraw coins straight to your wallet!

Here’s how to get free Bitcoin with RollerCoin

  1. Sign Up

Free and quick signup with your email address or a Facebook account. Once you do that, the game will ask you to customize your character, and you are ready to go.

  1. Play Games

8-bit arcade games are familiar and fun. Wins boost your mining power.

  1. Get yourself some miners

Build your own virtual data center by purchasing and upgrading miners to generate crypto for you.

  1. Withdraw

RollerCoin lets you withdraw coins you have mined straight to your wallet.

Isn’t that amazing? No investment and all play - this is your way to get some crypto. Here are some more details about RollerCoin:

  1. Large and friendly community

You can make friends with over 200,000 registered players and thousands online daily. The game's community is everywhere: Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram.

  1. Exciting gameplay and regular updates

RollerCoin constantly improves and entertains players. RollerCoin is a well-developed and dynamic game that every crypto gamer will enjoy.

  1. Multi mining

Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum, Matic, BNB, and SOL are available to mine right now. If you want to deposit, you may do it in Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum, BNB, BUSD, USDT, Doge and Matic.

  1. Referral program

You can also collect cryptocurrency by inviting friends. You'll get 25% of their mined cryptocurrency and 15% of in-game purchases.

Free Bitcoin Mining Software

Free Bitcoin mining software may make getting Bitcoin simpler. You can use Bitcoin mining software without equipment to get free bitcoins.

You can download free Bitcoin mining apps on Windows, Linux, OSX, and others. Some applications may be converted to credit-card-sized processors like Raspberry Pi. You may edit this program based on your mining setup.

Free Bitcoin mining software has perks and cons. You must be aware of mining software's security hazards.

Set Up A Bitcoin Wallet

You are utilizing cryptocurrencies first because of the single most critical consideration you should make before selecting a cryptocurrency wallet. Because multiple wallets are designed to accommodate a wide variety of use cases, it is important to choose an option compatible with how you will be engaging with the various cryptocurrency networks. When purchasing your first wallet, there are a few things you need to ask yourself, including the following:

  • Are you only using Bitcoin?
  • How much digital money do you intend to keep in your wallet at any given time?
  • Do you need heightened levels of privacy protection?

Safety should be at the top of your list of priorities when selecting a cryptocurrency wallet. This particular piece of software (and, in some cases, hardware) will have authority over your private keys, so you should take this responsibility seriously. Your cryptocurrency money may be transferred to other users if you have private keys, essentially the same thing as a password for those monies. To put it another way, having custody of the private keys is synonymous with having custody of the money.

Install Free Bitcoin Mining Software

Installing a Hardware Wallet

The most time-consuming method is often setting up a hardware wallet, but it is also the most secure. Your private keys will be kept in an offline device separate from your laptop, mobile device, or another computer, which enables this additional protection. These hardware wallets are significantly safer than internet wallets because of the offline nature of the hardware wallet, which protects your bitcoin holdings from malware assaults from hackers.

After buying, you may use the setup instructions that come with a hardware storage device, such as Trezor One or Ledger Nano X. Three essential steps are often involved in this: downloading the necessary software for the hardware to your computer, noting the recovery passphrase for your private keys, and attaching the hardware to your computer.

Set Up a Mobile Wallet

Setting up a mobile wallet(bitcoin wallet) is significantly more straightforward. The first step is to choose a mobile bitcoin wallet from the app store connected to your smartphone. Edge and BRD are two examples.

You can almost instantaneously accept bitcoin payments with the majority of mobile wallets. Therefore, you only truly need to back up your private keys on physical paper during the setup procedure. This backup often shapes your recovery phrase, a passphrase of 12 or 24 letters.

Even though not all bitcoin wallets demand this action, it is strongly advised to do it since, if you don't, you risk losing access to your money if you misplace your phone or suddenly stop working correctly.

Keep in mind that if you lose your password in the world of cryptocurrencies, there is no one else you can contact for assistance.

Setup of a Desktop Wallet

A desktop wallet may be set up like how a mobile wallet is set up. Once you've decided on a cryptocurrency wallet program, all you need to do to get established is launch the program.

Desktop wallet software may request that you create a backup of the passphrase linked to your private keys, just as the mobile wallet setup procedure does.

Desktop wallets often come with more detailed portfolio monitoring graphs and charts, allowing you to follow the value of your assets any way you choose. Desktop wallets include the Exodus Wallet, Jaxx Liberty, and Atomic Wallet, to name a few.

Join a Bitcoin Mining Pool

All bitcoin mining pools distribute and collect mining work using an algorithm. In addition, a pool divides mining efforts among its members to speed up the process.

The top Bitcoin mining pools include a variable difficulty algorithm that assigns harder assignments to miners with greater hash rates. This algorithm is widely used.

Crypto mining pool payout methods

Sharepay: Each pool member contributes their hash rate as shares every round, and an accepted share is instantaneously awarded as part of the mining round's total payouts. Pool members split the mining profit—best for intermittent miners that lose power or connection.

Score: Scoring is independent of mining rounds. The payout is based on the user's moving average hash rate, with a ramp-up or downtime when mining pauses.

Full Pay Per Share or Pay Per Share+: Same as Pay Per Share, but pool members earn mining rewards and transaction fees.

Pay Per Last N Share: Members get paid only when a pool is discovered, but they pay all their shares in earlier blocks when a pool wasn't found once the following block is located. Best for 24/7 miners without dropouts.

Here are some of the top mining pools:

  • F2pool
  • Antpool
  • ViaBTC
  • Poolin
  • Binance Pool

When reading about mining pools, many assume they are just organizations providing free bitcoins. That is untrue! Mining pools exist for those who own mining equipment to divide earnings.

Cloud mining and mining pools are sometimes confused. When you use cloud mining, you pay a service provider to mine for you and get the profits.

What is Bitcoin?

By removing third parties from financial transactions, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin act as money and a payment method independent of anyone, organization, or institution. Blockchain miners receive it from multiple platforms as a reward for verifying transactions.

Bitcoin was invented by an unidentified developer or group of developers in 2009 under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Hash algorithms such as SHA-256 encrypt blocks on blockchains. The transaction data in a block is encrypted into 256 bits. That number contains information about blocks before that one.

Over the years, it has become the most widely known cryptocurrency in the world. In response to their popularity, several new cryptocurrencies have been created. The competition either aims to displace it as a payment system or use it as a utility or security token on other blockchains.

How can I get Bitcoins for free?

Numerous applications pay you in most instances for free in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, even though it may seem too good to be true.

1. Download cryptocurrency apps

Some bitcoin applications can reward you with cryptocurrency just for using them or as part of a signup incentive.


  • EToro
  • Drop
  • Lolli
  • sMiles

2. Gift Cards

The most well-known websites for paid online surveys accept payments through PayPal and gift cards. However, the need for additional alternatives among customers has led to websites now offering to be paid in Bitcoin.


  • Swagbucks

3. Receive free bitcoin while leaning cryptocurrencies

The biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Coinbase, with over 25 million members spread across 32 different nations.

You may earn free Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using one of the two methods provided by Coinbase. First, you may recommend friends via the referral program, and for each new member you suggest, you'll get $10 in free bitcoin.

Simply creating a Coinbase account will earn you $10 in Bitcoin, and Coinbase Earn will pay you to learn about other cryptocurrencies.

4. Surveying Apps

The most straightforward approach to getting free Bitcoin? By utilizing survey applications, that is. To earn free Bitcoin, you may do surveys.

Example - Toluna

Is free bitcoin legit?

Yes. Earning a significant amount of cryptocurrency is most easily accomplished by buying and selling bitcoin. However, obtaining Bitcoin for free is possible, and there are various ways to do so. None of them cost any money, despite the fact that getting several of them requires work. In addition, a lower level of risk is associated with this activity if you are not investing your own money.

Indeed, free bitcoin is not a hoax; however, that does not mean you will not be exploited. Nonetheless, maintaining a heightened awareness of potential scams is imperative. Faucets may let you acquire your first bitcoin while completing chores and playing games. You can get there, but it could take some patience.

It is also possible to participate in a competition where you will receive bitcoin as a reward if you aren't patient enough. However, be cautious since not all of them are genuine. A legitimate method of obtaining one bitcoin would be the fastest by far. Be careful if you see a large flashing advertisement offering one free bitcoin. There are often and sometimes scams involved in these situations.

Can I mine a Bitcoin for free?

Yes, there are several ways with which an individual can earn free Bitcoins.


Gambling is a guaranteed way to lose crypto, not acquire it. Many gaming sites offer Bitcoin withdrawals, but you must win first.

Bitcoin gaming sites are frequently as reputable as others. It may be packed with advertisements or viruses, and you may lose money, but you can obtain free Bitcoin.

Crypto Faucets

Websites with Bitcoin faucets leak Bitcoin. A website may release a Bitcoin fraction every few minutes. So one user every few minutes gets a few cents or a dollar.

This is a common promotion. For example, if a faucet keeps users on a website, the site's proprietors may see improved engagement, better ad income, or other advantages.

Bitcoin games

Games may provide little Bitcoin prizes. However, advertisements are standard, like Bitcoin faucets. Bitcoin prizes keep people playing and seeing adverts, so the game looks excellent for marketers.

The little Bitcoin awards may build up if you don't mind commercials and love the game.


You could mine Bitcoin from home and earn hundreds a few years ago. It's harder now. Big players with hundreds of thousands of dollars of processing power dominate Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin mining requires strong gear. Otherwise, electricity costs will exceed Bitcoin earnings.