Free Ethereum Faucet - How to Receive ETH Coins?

If you ever looked to get crypto for free - you must be heard of faucets then💧

But if you are willing to try something better than ethereum faucets - you came to the right place: Today you will learn about RollerCoin - a simulator of mining with REAL ETH and no paid actions🏖

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Pros and Cons of Ethereum Faucets

Let’s find out what are ethereum faucets? Free ethereum faucet is a website or an app where the user gets rewarded with crypto coins for completing tasks online, like watching sponsored content, clicking on ads or completing surveys etc📝

Faucet users receive a small amount of ETH after repeating thousands of paid actions on the free eth faucet platform. Most ETH faucets are free to use, but the best ethereum faucets may even charge you for their services.

It involves a lot of boring and repetitive activity while the payouts are pretty low because the owners of ethereum faucet take most of the profit😒

Free ethereum faucets are there to make a profit on their own, by giving you a lot of paid actions and sending you bits of their earnings, while you actually do all the work.

This brings up a question: are ethereum faucets legit?
Standard eth coin faucet requires you to be there 24/7, wasting your time on watching long and non-relevant video ads, visiting tons of websites that you don't need and generate a tremendously small amount of eth coins💩

Stop wasting your time on stuff you don't like️!

Forget eth faucet! Give a shot to RollerCoin - adorable 8-bit game with REAL ETH rewards and addictive gameplay to keep you entertained💃

real eth game

How to Mine Real ETH and Have a Good Time at the Same Time?

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1. Sign Up on RollerCoin👤

It is fast and easy - fill your email or use the Facebook account.

create character

2. Create Your Character🎨

Make a good looking avatar, and you are ready to go!

play games

3. Play games🕹

Enjoy classic 8-bit arcade games, win and get more mining power!

mining center

4. Build Your Mining Center💎

Select the most powerful miners to have a high level of mining capacity.


5. Withdraw Your Winnings🤑

We use a secured Blockchain protocol to send ETH every day. Connect your ETH wallet and receive coins daily!

Are you still looking for ethereum faucet?

Here is a better idea. Mine REAL ETH by playing games🎢

looking fo faucet

RollerCoin or Standard ETH Faucet?💪

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Sign Up for Free🆓

RollerCoin is a free game and always will be free to play!

have fun

Fun and Entertaining👾

You don't have to watch videos or click on ads to mine ETH. Enjoy playing games and building your own Data Center!


Growing Community🌎

We have players all around the Globe! Most of them are on our social network and are open to make friends and compete!



Mine BTC, Doge, ETH, Matic, BNB, SOL, and stay tuned, since new coins will be added! You may withdraw BTC, Doge, ETH, BNB and soon we will have Matic withdrawal. As for deposits - feel free to fill your in-game wallets with BTC, Doge, ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD and Matic in the nearest future!

Fast withdrawals

Fast withdrawals🏧

We send BTC, ETH, BNB and DOGE to our users daily.

Get crypto by playing

Get crypto by playing RollerCoin🐹