Ahoy, Roller Travelers!

🌍 Captain Roller is thrilled to announce that the Miner Art Contest is reaching its final destination!

As usual, participants have displayed remarkable creativity and determination to win! Let’s see them closer 👇

80 Days Case

Let’s set sail with the ultimate winners – those whose miner designs will be featured in the Season 13 Community Case!

Behold the greatest artists of this journey! 👏🎨

1stAndando1500 RLT
2ndHelmer1300 RLT
3rdOswaldo Domingo1200 RLT
4thClauxter800 RLT
5thKeyser Soze600 RLT
6thSteven Quesada500 RLT
7thHelmer300 RLT
8thAkhlus300 RLT

Event Miners

Here are the winners in the Event Miners Category, selected by community voting!

You raised your voice, and now we’re excited to introduce the top five winners, whose miners will make it into the game 👇

1stRalts500 RLT
2ndAndando450 RLT
3rdZangiff400 RLT
4thOswaldo Domingo 350 RLT
5thRalts300 RLT

Honorable Mentions

Here are our Honorable Mentions!
These miners are awesome and definitely deserve a spotlight 👇

Steven Quesada
Oswaldo Domingo

Thanks to all the designers for their amazing arts 🙌
All of the authors on this list will get 1500 RST right after the start of Season 12 😉

Special Thanks From The Team — Oswaldo Domingo! 

This creator sent dozens of incredible works. It was really hard to choose only a few of them and we are really grateful for this tough choice!

Yet again, thank you, Rollers! Your creativity will never stop to amaze us bit time! 💯

Stay tuned to our socials for more updates, and prepare for a season filled with adventures around the Roller World! 🌟