Hey there, Rollers!👋

This week marked two exciting milestones that will surely take players’ in-game experience to a whole new level!💯

Introducing TRX Withdrawals and the new Menu Panel!💥

Feeling excited enough? Let’s dive into it! 👇

New Menu Panel: As Comfortable As Never Before!

As we’re always striving to make the site more convenient and enjoyable for our players — we’re thrilled to showcase our latest release! 🤩

Introducing our revamped menu panel 🪄 Designed with your convenience in mind!💯

What’s New In Desktop Version 🖥

☝️In the desktop version, we’ve streamlined the menu, making it easier for you to access all the essential pages from one convenient panel on the left-hand side.

📍To access the desired section of the site, simply click on the arrow located to the right of the section name to open the dropdown menu and navigate to the desired page.

✅ Events Tab

Now you have quick and convenient access to all active events right in the menu! The tab will display all current events such as:

🗓Season Pass

Now you won’t miss out on anything!🥳

🐹 My Profile Info Panel

Accessing your profile and personal stats has also become much more convenient!

📍Simply click on your profile avatar to access all the necessary tabs, such as:

📄 My Profile
👥 Referral Program Info
💹 Profile Stats and Income Stats

Mobile Version Changes 📱

In the mobile version, we’ve also streamlined the menu, keeping all the necessary buttons at the bottom of the screen for easy access 🙌

📍To access all tabs, click on the menu button and select the desired page!

To access your profile, simply click on your avatar and choose the desired tab!

TRX Withdrawals Are Here!

Said and done: Tron is now fully withdrawable on RollerCoin!

At the start of the release, the minimum withdrawal amount is 900 TRX.
However, this number will decrease ↘️ step by step each month ☝️ 

So don’t wait any longer – mine and withdraw Tron as never before 😉

We’re working tirelessly like busy bees 🐝 to become better for our players. 

We’re thrilled about this fantastic update, and we’re optimistic that it will elevate your experience to new heights! 😎

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