Bitcoin faucet games - myth or reality?🤔

Bitcoin games with faucet are a rare thing to find, though everyone would be happy to play games and mine real crypto at the same time. Among a lot of scam projects, there is a very little chance to find a real crypto faucet that actually pays off. Finding a source to have fun and mine crypto is even less.

Lucky you - the way to mine crypto, and having fun at the same time, is invented and is right in front of you!

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Free Bitcoin faucet - basics, pros and cons, best practises🎖

Bitcoin mining faucet is a website or app, which distributes crypto rewards to users in return of sponsored actions like clicking on the button, writing a review or watching the ad.

Some free bitcoin faucets do reward its users with alt-currencies. The core idea of a cryptocurrency faucet is to force a user to make an action that benefits the owner of the service.

As soon as the paid action proceeded, most of the price is going to the faucet owner. Much less of the initial cost is sent to the user.

Can I avoid clicking on ads but still get cryptocurrency for free?

Yes, you can!We'll tell you more - you can have fun, play games and withdraw real crypto💸

Don't believe it yet?

It's totally fine because another project like this doesn't even exist☝️

It's one of a kind - please meet RollerCoin🐹

We took all the good stuff from faucets, took out all lousy things and made bitcoin mining fun and easy💎

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Play games🎮 build your mining empire🏗 and withdraw real crypto👑

RollerCoin is the first mining simulator where you do not just imitate the routine of real mining. Here you enjoy playing popular arcade games, improve your mining center and compete with friends!

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How to make BTC coins here?

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1. Sign up👤

Use your email or Facebook account for instant sign up


2. Customize your character🎨

Create a copy of yourself or an opposite, do whatever you want!

Play btc games

3. Play games🎯

Build your mining power by playing lovely 8-bit arcades

Purchase miners

4. Purchase miners🤖

Develop your mining center and become the biggest miner alive!

Withdraw btc

5. Withdraw🤑

We send BTC, DOGE, ETH and BNB coins to any standard crypto wallet daily

Feeling HYPED and curious?😳

Quick! Get on board! RollerCoin awaits the best crypto enthusiasts like you👈

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Mine BTC, Doge, ETH, Matic, BNB, SOL, and stay tuned, since new coins will be added! You may withdraw BTC, Doge, ETH, BNB and soon we will have Matic withdrawal. As for deposits - feel free to fill your in-game wallets with BTC, Doge, ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD and Matic in the nearest future!

Fast withdrawals

Fast withdrawals

We send BTC, ETH, BNB and DOGE to our users daily.



RollerCoin is made fun and easy to play. Popular arcade games will never let you feel boring.

Unique style

Unique style

Lovely 8-bit design of the RollerCoin universe make it looks fresh and nostalgic at the same time.



Our community is growing very fast. RollerCoin players are all around the globe and playing every day. Find friends on our social networks and chats!

Mining facility

Mining facility

Upgrade your data centre to the highest level so it could produce crypto while you are offline!

Referral Program

Referral Program

Invite your friends and receive 25% from every satoshi they mine and 15% from any of their purchase.


24/7 support

Our friendly support team will be glad to assist you with any question appear.

Why are you still waiting🙈 Start mining now🚀

What Is a Bitcoin Faucet?

The newest developments in technology and finance are cryptocurrencies. So naturally, the majority of individuals would do everything to get a large number of cryptocurrencies. In spite of this, due to the cost of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, only a limited number of people can afford to enter the world of cryptocurrency.

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Crypto Faucets were created for this purpose. Bitcoin faucets are websites that give away free bitcoins for doing anything. Gavin Andresen originally proposed the idea to spread awareness of Bitcoin, and it eventually led to websites that let users trade Bitcoin for goods or services.

These tasks include watching short video advertisements, playing games, or quizzing. Even though these payouts aren't significant, you can accumulate a considerable amount of crypto coins over time.

How Bitcoin Faucets Work?

The use of cryptocurrency faucets is generally a simple and straightforward process. A digital asset provider typically requires users to create an account first. A number of cryptocurrency websites and applications offer users free cryptocurrency in exchange for completing simple tasks. Crypto wallets are required in both cases to receive incentives, and proof of identification may sometimes be required.

The users can watch movies, read articles, see advertisements, play games, and take surveys. In addition, there is a possibility that users will be asked to recommend the service to their friends. The majority of people would be able to handle these simple tasks with no problem. However, the tasks sometimes take a lot of time.

As a reward for completing the required tasks, users receive cryptocurrency tokens. If you use a faucet frequently, however, the benefits may grow over time and reach a substantial amount. Therefore, it is essential to be aware that some websites and applications may require users to reach a minimum reward level before withdrawing funds.

Pros and Cons of Using Bitcoin Faucets

Here are some pros of using bitcoin faucets.

1. Free Bitcoin

As you are already aware, there are many cryptocurrency faucets that distribute free tokens to people who sign up. There are only a few simple tasks that need to be completed. There are no financial risks associated with crypto faucets, unlike trading and investing, which do require one to take on financial risks. With time, you will be able to reap the benefits of a faucet that you invest in.

2. Making many payments from the same faucet.

Most of the time, there is no limit to the number of times you may profit from using a faucet. As a matter of fact, the amount of bitcoin you get is usually determined by how many jobs you complete.

3. A Risk-Free Way to Discover Cryptocurrencies

The primary purpose of faucets was to increase public awareness of cryptocurrency. It is a simple approach to begin using cryptocurrency. Additionally, you may utilize the money gained to make purchases and test out new uses for your tokens with no risk.

Here are some of the cons of bitcoin faucets:

1. Unreliable Faucets

Some faucets don't pay consumers despite viewing advertisements and performing other tasks. As a result, it is possible to be blocked if you reach the payment threshold in some instances. Furthermore, malicious websites masquerading as faucets might infect your computer.

When using a faucet, make sure that it is secure before using it. Using a faucet may be worth your time if it has many good reviews and comments in its online forums. However, keep in mind that reviews may be faked!

2. It Might Be Time Consuming

There is no guarantee that the benefits of cryptocurrency faucets are worth the time, effort, and labor spent.

3. Work Is Repeated

As long as you have a tolerance for repetitive activities, there are only so many tasks you can do before you become bored.

Why People Are Using Bitcoin Faucets?

In general, all Bitcoin faucets have the potential to be profitable to their owners if they are appropriately utilized. It is the easiest and most affordable way to earn free Bitcoin per hour online. Users of bitcoin faucets may quickly become billionaires if they are lucky.

The rollercoin.com faucet is one of the most well-known Bitcoin faucets in the world. With a history of over seven years, the faucet is considered the most reliable and secure Bitcoin faucet. Rollercoin gives users a chance to earn Bitcoin every hour.

Considering Bitcoin's high volatility, it is likely that its value will soar in the near future. Therefore, it is possible that the value of mined BTC will grow exponentially.

Are Free Bitcoin Faucets Legit?

In a nutshell, our response is a resounding "NO." Even though some of these websites may be trustworthy, there are some that are just time-wasting. If you want to ensure the site is legit, you might want to look at some of the posts on BitcoinTalk or Reddit before depositing your funds. Whenever a faucet is available where you can deposit money and quickly become wealthy, you should avoid it.

As we have already stated, crypto faucets are not a gimmick that will make you rich in a hurry. You must adhere to the minimum payment criteria, and you should take your time when it comes to making the payment. The most important thing you should remember if you're new to the crypto community is that it can take you a few days or even weeks to break through the barrier, so be patient. You'll be happy that you did.


Are Bitcoin faucets worth it?

It is really worthwhile to use Bitcoin faucets. You will earn Bitcoin based on how you approach and perform. Bitcoin faucets pay you in cryptocurrencies, which adds to your wealth. You may be able to make more profit if the bitcoin's value increases. For instance, you may earn $20 worth of Bitcoin today but $30 worth tomorrow. It will depend on the market's state.

Crypto faucets demand a lot of engagement since you have to put in a lot of work to get money. As a result, it cannot be considered a passive revenue source. On the contrary, some may see it as a complete waste of time, given the effort invested for very little payoff.

Early Bitcoin faucets gave out 5 BTC, which was barely worth a few cents. Naturally, some people thought it was a waste of time, but today owning 5 BTC is significant. However, a crypto faucet is a smart alternative if you want to get started with cryptocurrency without risking any of your own money.

Are there still Bitcoin faucets?

Yes. Bitcoin Faucets are still available for those who want to earn free Bitcoin. Here are a few of the top Bitcoin Faucets you should know.

  1. Rollercoin- Best Crypto Faucet Overall
  2. Bitcoinker - Earn free bitcoin by solving captchas
  3. Battle Infinity - A metaverse platform that offers crypto giveaways
  4. Moon Bitcoins - Mine for free bitcoins
  5. BTC Clicks - Watch advertisements to earn bitcoins
  6. Lucky Block - A crypto project that offers exciting rewards
  7. Altcoins.pw - A cryptocurrency platform with auto-faucets
  8. Fire Faucet - A cryptocurrency faucet that supports 13 crypto tokens
  9. FreeBitco.in - Hourly Bitcoin Faucet
  10. Cointiply - A mobile application to earn cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency faucets have evolved from their early days when users could earn free bitcoins by completing simple captchas to more complex and more varied ones today. Remember that a thorough and detailed study should come before beginning with crypto faucets.

Are there any legit Bitcoin faucets?

Yes. You can try rollercoin.com if you are looking for the best bitcoin faucets.

The website Rollercoin has made mining Bitcoin more entertaining. After signing up, you design a pixelated mining persona, and you play mini-games and carry out chores to improve your mining strength. Payouts are based on your character's "power" and the size of the overall mining pool. The Bitcoin block is divided among active participants every ten minutes.

In order to earn Bitcoin, you may also play a number of arcade games. Daily withdrawals are available in BTC, ETH, and DOGE. In addition, their referral program gives 15% of purchases made by anyone you suggest and 25% of Bitcoin mined.