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Welcome to the freshest chapter of the Dev Diaries Vol.10 📒

We’ve got an important update to share. You asked for it soooo much and we are happy to present you at last! 🙌

In this one, we are presenting rework for the Room and how arranging the items will work in the upcoming updates. 

Get yourself something hot to drink and let’s get to it 👇


  • New Slick Item Panel UI/UX – different for 💻PC and 📱Mobile!
  • New Room Items Panel Features. 
  • Auto-arrange important changes.

Item Panel Is Getting Fresh UI/UX!

We were working tirelessly to introduce this significant quality of life improvement to your experience! 🤩 Now item re-arrange process and room management will be as smooth as it can get😮‍💨 Moreover good news for mobile players! 

We doing different flows for PC and mobile to ensure the best possible experience regardless of the device you are using💯

New Room Items Panel Features

We are happy to introduce a new and refreshed set of tools that will significantly ease your life while arranging the room! The list is the following:

📌Separate tabs for racks and miners.

📌Display of item parameters. You’ll be able to view the power and bonus without placing the item in the room!

📌Filters: you’ll be able to filter your items by power, bonus, rarity, and size.

📌Search: you can find a specific miner by its name.

📌Sorting: sort miners by power/bonus range.

📌Convenient display of identical items. Only one item will be displayed in the item panel, and you’ll see the number of copies you have on top.

📌New information menu where all the needed numbers are visible (with the possibility to remove all miners from the shelf at once).

PC Version

🖥In the PC version, you can interact with the entire room as before. That is, you can drag racks and miners to any slot.

To enter item placement mode, simply click on the Edit button👀 That’s how the room will look after the update:

💥General overview:

💥Edit mode:

Mobile Version

📲 Mobile version shares the same set of new features but the room customization flow will differ significantly in the upcoming update.

You will open a special menu where you can see all installed racks with miners, as well as available slots. You can choose a certain slot, and set the rack and the miners. 

The new mobile flow for setting up the items will look like this:

📌Choose the room in the inventory and click add.

📌In the “Racks” section you have to choose the rack you want. Filters can be applied to find them easier!

📌Then in the “Miners” section, you can choose your machines. Filters will help you to find them quicker and set them up in the most efficient way possible.

📌When all the set and done you can see the numbers clearly both for rack and miners. And you still can remove all miners from the shelf at once and re-arrange them again.

So now all the numbers and set-up orders are visible and can be easily changed as you like! And the tabs sub-menus with filters will search the items you need so much easier 😮‍💨

RoomOptimizer Is Coming!

All you remember is the “Auto” button which simply automatically places items in empty slots.

So we decided to change that as well and introduce RoomOptimizer!🤩 In future update you will have three options to choose from: 

🎯By power – arrange miners by power from most to least.
🎯By bonus – arrange miners by the collection bonus from largest to smallest.
🎯Optimal – set up miners and racks to arrange them to ensure the power and bonus of the miners placed on the racks yield the best results.

RoomOptimizer will be a premium feature that will cost RLT.

New UI/UX, tabs, and filters will make your experience as smooth as possible and the Autoset button will neatly save some time for a decent price 💯

❗️Important. Rooms will now be purchased on the inventory page. The price will be increased as well 📈 So now is a really good time to buy yourself some rooms for the old price 🙌

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