Hey there, Rollers 👋🐹 

Here you’ll find a detailed description of our regular activity that helps you earn even more rewards – the Season Pass! 🎁


  • What is a Season Pass;
  • Season Pass XP and how to get it;
  • Season Pass structure and rewards.

What Is Season Pass?

On RollerCoin, the Season Pass is a feature that allows players to access 💎 exclusive rewards (miners, in-game currency, temporal power, racks) by completing daily quests within a specified ⏳ time frame, usually 2 months. 

Season Pass XP And How To Get It

Season Pass consists of a certain number of levels. To complete each level and grab your reward, you need to earn a certain number of Experience Points (XP).

How to get XP?

  • Complete Quests!

    📍 Quest usually demands to utilize some other game mechanic, like playing the mini-games, merging, etc., for a certain amount of time. For each completed quest, you gain XP, allowing you to progress through the levels.
    📍Quests reset daily, so don’t forget to complete your quests to avoid losing progress! 🌟
    📍Remember to claim your XP once the quest is completed! 💰

 Login Daily 📆

📍You can get your daily XP by just logging in!

Season Pass Structure And Rewards 

Season Pass consists of two parts:

  • Free Pass 
  • Gold Pass 

Basic Season Pass is free to join. You can just start completing tasks and earn rewards. But if you want more of them, you can buy Gold with RLT and get double rewards for each level.
Let’s deep dive into it! 👇

Free Pass

This section of the Season Pass is entirely free!

🎮 Start completing Daily Quests and don’t forget to claim your XP once you have finished each Quest;
✅ Pass the levels;
🏆 Claim your miners, trophies, bonus power, and RST for each completed level!

❕Once you finish the level, you need to claim your reward 🎯 Just click the Claim button which will appear after finishing the level.

Gold Pass

With the Gold Pass, you are getting access to additional rewards for each level you progress.

The algorithm is the same here: 
🎮 Complete daily quests;
✅ Pass the levels;
🌟 Claim TWO rewards instead of one from both Free and Gold Passes for each completed level!

To activate your Gold Pass just click on the Activate Pass button.

Get All the Season Rewards Instantly!

If you don’t want to complete all the levels be yourself, you can always get all rewards instantly by purchasing the Complete Season Pass ✨

Just click the Get All Rewards button!

Moreover, you can get all Season Pass rewards three more times by simply purchasing all of them at once as one package! Each next purchase gets gradually cheaper 📉

This is how it goes for the Season Pass!

Don’t wait any longer – progress, mine and withdraw your crypto as never before 😉