Hold on tight, Rollers, because we’re about to break the space-time continuum! 😱

This May, RollerCoin celebrates its 6th Anniversary 🎉 and we have planned a series of thrilling events to make it just unforgettable!

What awaits us on this time-travel journey? Let’s see 👇


  • Back to the Roller event.
    Progress through time and claim your rewards!
  • Roller Birthday puzzle event.
    Receive your birthday postcard along with prizes from Hamster 🐹
  • Time-traveling Crafting Offers.
    Craft yourself a set of true mining legends  😎
  • Special Birthday Sales.
    The new mining beasts are about to arrive, don’t miss out on them!
  • A bunch of activities and prizes for our creative Community!

Back to the Roller – Progression Event

Who wouldn’t want to have their own DeRollean, huh?
Well, starting May 15th, you will have such an opportunity 😏

Back to The Roller Event is:

🌟 30 levels to pass.

🌟 50% discount on the multiplier

🌟 A lot of powerful miners with such legends as MINERVERSARY, CryptoWorld, and RollerMillion among them. A total power of 17.62 Ph/s is waiting ahead! 

🏎 A premium reward — DeRollean miner. It can be overclocked to 8.8 ph/s for time travel!🕦

Don’t miss out on this opportunity 😏

Roller Birthday – Puzzle Event

It’s back and yet again – even better than ever before! 🧩 

There will be a total of 16 tasks of two types available in general: playing mini-games and “Exchange RLT” quests. The top-tier rewards can be obtained with just 8 points 🤩 This means you can just do mini-game tasks, fully complete the event with them, and get a ton of good rewards FOR FREE! 💯

Overall, you can get:
💰1,250 RST
💎4 incredible miners
⚡️Lots of parts and power

And on top of all of them: 👾Arcadester (2,820,000 Gh/s + 2% Bonus) + 🕺Mine-n-Dance (1,890,000 Gh/s + 1.5% Bonus) which can drop randomly.

Also, there are two of Mine-n-Dance and Arcadster available in the event, allowing you to merge them into something even more powerful💪

🗓Starting on May 17th!

Time-Traveling Crafting Offers

  • Back to The Roller Crafting Offer.

    Get ready for 3 days of a journey back to the past (May 15th – May 18th)!

    Every day, a new set of memorable miners, available for crafting will be waiting for all RollerTravelers! 🕗
  • Back to the Future Crafting Offer

    Have you ever dreamed of obtaining that legendary Hoverboard? Well, get ready to craft one! 🛠

    Defy gravity and time with the new:

    ⚡️RollerBoard: 211,015 Gh/s + 4.5% Bonus ⚡️

Available for crafting from May 20 till May 24. 

Special Birthday Sales!

he future is what you make it, and we’re about to make it legendary!

Meet this RollerBirthday’s special:

⚡️ Back to The Roller miner with 2,840,000 Gh/s Power and the whole 3% Bonus for only 88 RLT! 😱

On Sale from May 19th till May 21th only 😉

Community Contests: Get Amazing Prizes!

Six years is quite a journey, and we wouldn’t have reached this incredible milestone without YOU, Rollers!

The most talented, creative, and dedicated community ever, you’ve amazed us with fantastic artworks, miner designs, and even culinary masterpieces!

Even more Birthday Contests are on the way to showcase your creativity and, of course, win amazing prizes!

One of them is RollerComics Competition — a contest for those ready to show off their artistic prowess and storytelling skills to win amazing crypto prizes! 😉

All the rules for this and other contests will be announced very s👀n, so follow our socials not to miss the coolest Birthday Party ever!

See ya, RollerFamily 🐹