Hey there, creative Rollers!

Guess what’s back? It’s the Miner Art Contest, and it’s time to let your imagination run wild with awesome miner designs! 🎨🚀

Get your creative gears in motion because there’s a seriously cool prize pool of RLT rewards waiting for you! 🫵🤩


  • The theme of the contest — Hi-Tech Dreams
  • Submit your design till September 17
  • Three categories and 10+ winners
  • The contest will include a stage of user voting
  • Check the Style Guidelines block for some tips :wink:

More Wins, More Rewards! 🏆💎

The Miners Art Contest has burst out of its shell and become a powerhouse of creativity!

Our incredible artists have flooded us with a wave of mind-blowing designs. Choosing only 10 winners is like trying to capture lightning in a bottle! 🎨⚡

As a result, we’re thrilled to introduce some extra cool categories:

  • Community Case
  • Event Miners
  • Honorable Mentions

Community Case

Top 10 coolest miners will feature in the case, and their creators will receive:

🔸 Huge portions of RLT 🤑
🔸 A copy of their miner 🎨

Meet the list of rewards 👇

PlaceMiner`s rarityReward
1Legendary2500 RLT
2Epic1900 RLT
3Epic1700 RLT
4Rare1500 RLT
5Rare1300 RLT
6Rare1200 RLT
7Common700 RLT
8Common700 RLT
9Common500 RLT
10Common500 RLT

❗️Do you remember that there will be an additional reward for documenting the process? So you will receive additional 1500 RST for it!

Event Miners

Up next, we’ve got the Event Miners category, and these miners will find their way into upcoming events, crafting offers, and sales! 😉

There’s no limit on the number of miners here – the more awesome miners we get, the more we’ll bring into the game!

For every miner added to the game from this category, creators will get:
🔸 500 RLT
🔸 A copy of their miner 🎨

Honorable Mentions

These are the cool miners that, for various reasons (technical or thematic), we can’t add to the game. But they’re so amazing that we want everyone to see them! 👁

Each of these honorable mentions will receive 150 RLT as a nod to their creativity 🤩💸

The Theme of The Contest — Hi-Tech Dreams

Picture a world where vibrant colors merge with futuristic technology because it is Hi-Tech Dreams ⚡🌈

Hi-Tech Dreams is all about mixing imagination with innovation.
We’re calling on artists to infuse their artwork with bold, dazzling colors that bring out the essence of chromatic futurism.

💥 Color Explosion: Think big and bright with your color choices.
🚀 Futuristic Elements: Let your artwork include hints of cutting-edge technology.

Let’s turn your artistic visions into reality! 🔮🚀

The Power Is in Your Vote!

This Contest is all about Community, isn’t it? 😉

So, this time, you get to choose the very best designs for Season 10’s Community Case!

Keep your eyes on our socials not to miss it 👁👁

Style Guidelines

We’ve got all the technical details sorted, but how do you bring that picture-perfect design to life?

Here are the main points you need to follow to make your work of art become a part of RollerCoin forever! 👁👇

🔹 Design a Miner!
Literally, your design should take the form of a miner 📼 with a touch of rolling fun.

🔹 Show Your Originality
Your artwork MUST be uniquely yours © – not copied from anywhere else! 🖼️

Avoid imitating past contest winners or borrowing style elements. We want your own creative vision! 🌟

🔹 Keep it Simple and Clear
Craft a solid and polished miner design.

Avognizable. id overloading with too many pixel details – the overall image should be easily reco

🔹 Animation:
Seamless and relevant animations. Each frame should naturally flow from the previous one. And let’s skip the disclaimers – no need to warn about blinking lights. ✨🚫

Here are some winners of the previous Contests, as an example of great design and cool animation, just to get you inspired 😉👇

You can find out more about the criteria by which your miner will be evaluated in our guide here 👇

Technical Requirements

Now that you have a clear idea of your miner design, you need to understand the technical criteria for creating a miner!

These requirements are quite simple, check out our Technical Guide for all the necessary information 👇

Reveal the Inner Kitchen of Working On Your Miner

Uniqueness is the key to talent!

Show us the birth of your art 🐣 your inspiration 🦋 and process in detail!

Show Your References 

Share your sources of inspiration 🤖: send photos, art, videos, anything that inspired you and get extra rewards for it! 🎁

This point is a mandatory part of participation in the Miners Art Contest.

Document Your Process (optional)

Show that your work is unique, send step-by-step screenshots of your creation process, reveal secret details and get extra rewards for it 🎁

This point is an optional part of participation in the Miners Art Contest.

The Final Checkpoint

Now that your super cool miner is ready, it’s worth checking the following to avoid curiosities 👀

🔹 Does it technically meet all the requirements?
🔹 Does the animation work correctly — without breaks, etc.?
🔹 What does the miner look like on the shelf in the RollerCoin room?
🔹 Have you made a frame with a switched-off miner (a picture of the miner at the moment when it turns off without electricity)?

It’s Time To Submit!

So now that your miner is ready 🥳 and all the references and secrets of your masterpiece are revealed it’s time to submit your work and cross your fingers for the win! 🤞

From today until September 17, we accept your artworks!