Pack your luggage, Rollers!🧳 We are going on a big journey on vast RollerLands🤩
Your beloved Art Contest is now in ACTION😋

This time the rules have changed bringing even more freedom for creativity!
Check what it’s about down below👇


  • Two categories for creations: transport for the travel 🚞 and free one!
  • Submit your design by April 24th 🗓
  • 8+ winners in the Community Case category and a 6500 RLT reward pool!💵
  • Check the Style Guidelines and Technical Guide blocks for some essential tips 🤓

Grab Huge RLT Prizes! 🏆

Check the winning categories down below 👇

Community Case: Set The Hamster Travel!

For this category, the rules remain the same: compete for one of the 8 spots in the case and win super rewards!

☝️ Now, let’s focus on the theme: it’s “Around the Roller in 80 Days” 🚞

This means your miners should evoke transportation vibes! Hamsters can ride anything they desire — from hang gliders and scooters to elephants! Switch the creativity ON👨‍🎨

🏆 Winners

The 8 most awesome miners are gonna be part of a special Community Case that’ll hit the racks when the next Season kicks off! 
Besides, their creators will also receive:

🔸 Huge portions of RLT 🤑
🔸 A copy of their miner 🎨

The winners for this category will be chosen by the RollerTeam 🐹

Meet the list of rewards 👇

PlaceMiner`s rarityReward
1Legendary1500 RLT
2Epic1300 RLT
3Epic1200 RLT
4Rare800 RLT
5Rare600 RLT
6Common500 RLT
7Common300 RLT
8Common300 RLT

Event Miners: Let The Creativity Flow!

☝️ As for the theme for this part, you can submit a miner with whatever theme!

Whether you’re inspired by nature, technology, fantasy, or anything in between, this is your chance to let your imagination run wild! 🎨

🏆 Winners: The Power Is In Your Vote!

For the community case, it’s all on us, but for event miners, it’s over to you!☝️

We will select the top performers and create a voting poll for the best artworks. We’re aiming for 15 winners, but hey, that’s just the start! It’s all up in the air, depending on the awesome stuff you send our way 🤝

Voting dates coming soon 📊Let’s see who gets to join the game! 😏

If your miner design makes the cut, we’ll hit you up with an extra 350 RLT reward 🤑

Honorable Mentions

During every Contest, we get tons of amazing miner designs, but only 8 of them can make it into the Community Case!👌

But don’t worry, all those awesome designs will still get their moment in the spotlight🔦 in our special Honorable Mentions category, so everyone can check them out!💯

💸 Each of these honorable mentions will snag 1500 RST as a shoutout for their creativity!

Technical Requirements

Now that you have a theme for your miner design, you must understand the technical criteria for creating a miner!

These requirements are quite simple, check out our Technical Guide for all the necessary information 👇

The rules stated in the Technical Guide must be strictly followed.

Style Guidelines

We’ve sorted all the technical details, but how do you bring that picture-perfect design to life?

Here are the main points you need to follow to make your work of art become a part of RollerCoin forever! 👁👇

Important Note: don’t forget about 1-cell miners when creating your designs. They could stand a higher chance of making it to the final vote 😉

🔹 Design a Miner!
Your design should be a miner 📼 with a touch of rolling fun.

🔹 Show Your Originality
Your artwork MUST be uniquely yours © – not copied from anywhere else! 🖼️

Avoid imitating past contest winners or borrowing style elements. We want your creative vision!

🔹 Keep it Simple and Clear
Make a solid and polished miner design.

🔹 Animation
Seamless and relevant animations. Each frame should naturally flow from the previous one.

You can find out more about the criteria by which your miner will be evaluated in our guide here👇

The Final Checkpoint

Now that your super cool miner is ready, it’s worth checking the following to avoid curiosities 👀
🔹 Does it technically meet all the requirements?
🔹 Does the animation work correctly — without breaks, etc.?
🔹 What does the miner look like on the shelf in the RollerCoin room?
🔹 Have you made a frame with a switched-off miner (a picture of the miner at the moment when it turns off without electricity)?

It’s Time To Submit!

So now that your miner is ready 🥳 and all the references and secrets of your masterpiece are revealed it’s time to submit your work and cross your fingers for the win! 🤞

From today until April 24th we accept your artwork!


If you’re passionate about creating miners and pixel art, we’ve got a cool spot for you to join! Visit our Discord server and check out the channel called #art-chamber. Feel free to share your creations there, even if they’re not for the contest. We take our time to check things out, but we’ll definitely give them a look! 😉