Hey, Rollers! Ready to jam out like a rockstar? 🤘

🥁The drumbeats kick off the excitement, making the crowd roar in anticipation of an epic night ahead!💥

Lights are up! The band’s ready! And now we’re diving into our unforgettable Music Festival where you will become a star for generations to remember 🤩

The Rules Are Simple

🎵 Form your band of nine musical instruments by completing epic gigs from Apr 9th till Apr 24th!

🎇 Hit the stage for that final showdown and craft incredible Freddy’s Showtime: 20 500 000 Gh/s with a cool 7% Bonus Power boost! 😎 

❗️The final 🛠 craft will be done from April 25 to April 27. And don’t forget you will need to start crafting manually 💯

☝️ After crafting is done you will get the final Freddy’s Showtime miner. All 9 miner instruments will be used during the crafting process and gone from the room!

Gigs For You To Hit

Ultimate Music Festival experience awaits you:

💎 3 Sales – just 550 units of each miner up for grabs!
🛠 3 Crafts
📈 2 Progression Events
🧩 1 Puzzle – groove your way to rewards in jazz style!

Here’s the lineup of events where you can grab your miners, and just a heads-up – all events kick off at 3 PM UTC 🕔

MinerName PowerEventDate of Event
Rasta’s Riff 353 000 Gh/s Reggae Sale09 Apr – 12 Apr
NeonGuerilla378 000 Gh/sAlternative Crafting Offer09 Apr – 14 Apr
CryptoPartizani 806 000 Gh/s Disco Style Concert Progression Event 09 Apr – 14 Apr
Drum’n’mine 756 000 Gh/sDrums Crafting Offer 14 Apr – 20 Apr
Bongo Beatmaster 706 000 Gh/s Percussion Sale 15 Apr – 19 Apr
Smooth CryptoMiner 2 016 000 Gh/s Jazz Concert Puzzle Event 15 Apr – 19 Apr
CryptoMaestro 1 890 000 Gh/s Classic Crafting Offer 20 Apr – 24 Apr
McCartney’s CryptoRiff403 000 Gh/s Rock Concert Progression Event 20 Apr – 24 Apr
Syntho Keys 1 764 000 Gh/s Techno Sale 22 Apr – 25 Apr

Don’t miss anything out!

During the festival, we’ll be hosting community activities where we’ll be giving away some miner instruments. Don’t overslept it 😉

And remember: the jam starts on April 09th, stay tuned to our socials so as not to miss any vital instrument!💯