Hello, Rollers! 💫

🤓 Meet the second post from Season III: Christmas Time blog post series! 

In our previous blog post, we covered Drops and Parts, and how you can get them by just playing minigames 🕹

With the temporary addition of ⚙️ Parts in the Store, we will also cover newest additions to the Store, such as Weekly Offers and the new Limited Christmas Case 🎁

🐹 Let’s roll!

Weekly Offer

The new Season marks the return of the most requested and well-loved feature!

💝 Weekly Offers are finally back to provide you with more opportunities to purchase your favorite mining machines!

🔥 A lot of absolutely unique miners presented on the Weekly Offers only!

💰 Special sales for the old series miners!

💥 The return of old-legendary miners for the true collectors!

Weekly Offers reset every Wednesday on 12:00 AM UTC so prepare yourself to grab one of the desired miners before they sell out 😉

Limited Christmas Case

To celebrate the most festive Season of the year we have prepared a new Limited Christmas Case for you! 🎁

The new loot box is giving you high stakes of getting exclusive Christmas miners, which can’t be received elsewhere in the game 💥

🎁 Here is the list of reward’s probability for the Limited Christmas Case:

Miner namePowerRarityDrop Chance
Polar Express270.000 Th/sLegendary0.5%
First Class270.000 Th/sLegendary0.5%
Snowy Blowy65.000 Th/sEpic4.5%
The Evergreen60.000 Th/sEpic4.5%
Jelly Bones26.000 Th/sRare10%
Tinsel Town22.500 Th/sRare10%
Box of Wonders20.000 Th/sRare10%
Jellier20.000 Th/sCommon12%
Wishing Bell20.000 Th/sCommon12%
Purple Snowflake10.000 Th/sCommon12%
Candy Box10.000 Th/sCommon12%
Sparkling Light 10.000 Th/sCommon12%

🔑 The amount of cases in the Store is limited to 100,000 pieces, so hurry up and try your luck to get one of the exclusive Christmas miners right now! 🎁

That’s all the new features for today, stay tuned not to miss the next post about the Merge System and other additions released with Season III: Christmas Time!