Hello, Rollers!✋

Meet our fourth post from Season III: Christmas Time blog post series!

In the previous blog post, we discussed the new Inventory and explained some details about our latest feature — Miner Upgrades 🛠

Now it’s time to cover a new coin, deposit and withdrawal methods coming with the start of Season III!💫

🛼 Let’s roll!

New coin for mining — MATIC

We are thrilled to announce that Polygon (MATIC) is becoming fully mineable in RollerCoin! Just switch your mining power up to 100% to MATIC and start accumulating it! 🤑

Adding a new coin into the game is a long and complex process involving a lot of effort, that’s why we need some more time to add MATIC deposits and withdrawals into the game.

We plan on adding these functions with the next big update, so you can start farming MATIC right now and withdraw your accumulated funds soon!💰

New deposit methods: BNB and BUSD stablecoin

To make the methods of depositing more varied, we decided to add BNB and BUSD deposits into the game!

Now making deposits and getting yourself new mining equipment is much easier than before! 💯 

Please note that both BNB and BUSD deposits should be made via BEP-20 Network only.

BNB withdrawals are now available! 

With the launch of Season II we made BNB available for mining and promised to add deposits and withdrawals later on — and we kept our promise! 🤝

And now you can finally withdraw your BNB balance or get yourself some RLT to not miss on what we prepared for you in the Store!

That’s all the updates 🐹 Hamster prepared for you today!

Stay tuned for the last post from our Blog post series covering the most expected feature coming with the start of next Season: the Marketplace 🔥