Hey there, Rollers!👋

We’re thrilled to announce a unique and creative contest for all our talented players out there! 🧑‍🎨

It’s time to put your storytelling and artistic skills to the test with our Comic Creation Contest! 

Are you a seasoned artist? Are you just someone who loves doodling in your free time?
It doesn’t matter, we invite all of you to bring your ideas to life in a comic format 🖼

Let’s get to it👇


  • The theme of the Contest —  “Hamster’s Adventures!”
  • Submit your work by June 1st! 🗓
  • 400 USDT reward pool and many Gold Passes!
  • Check the technical requirements for essential tips 🤓

What’s A Theme?

Let’s start with the main part, the theme is: “Hamster’s Adventures!” 🌟

Basically, it could be any story you would like to tell 🙌  there are two main rules only:

🐹The story should involve the Hamster character and RollerCoin;
📕Your comics should have a storyline.

Your Crypto Rewards Await!

We’ve got some fantastic prizes 🏆 for our winners to make this contest even more exciting!

🥇 First place: 300 USDT!
🥈Second + 🥉 third place: 100 USDT each!
🏅 A certain amount of honorable mentions will be rewarded with a Gold Pass!

Share Your Comics To Get Additional Reward!

Show us your art 🐣in a post on your Twitter page with the #RollerComic hashtag + @rollercoin_com tag!

2 random creators will get an additional prize whether their work is a winning one or not 🔥

Technical Requirements

To ensure everyone has a fair chance and the submissions are easy to review, please adhere to the following technical requirements 👇

  1. Style: No restrictions here! Whether it`s pixel art, hand-drawn illustrations digital art, or anything else  – use the style you are the best at. And remember to make your art recognizable as a part of the RollerCoin!
  1. Format & Length: Your comic should be at least 1 page long and contain a minimum of 4 frames.

  2. Size & Resolution: Each submission must be either in a digital format (1080 pixels wide by 1620 pixels tall, with a resolution of at least 300 PPI to ensure quality) or a photo of a hand-drawn work. The maximum file size is 10MB.

  3. File Type: Acceptable file formats include JPEG, PNG, or PDF.

  4. Originality: Your work must be entirely original. It has not been previously published and has to have no AI-generated content. Fan art is welcome, as long as it respects copyright rules and not just copying our art.

  5. Language: All text within the comic must be in English.

It’s Time To Submit!

So now that your comic is ready 🥳 it’s time to submit your work and cross your fingers for the win! 🤞

Please note, that your submission should include:

🎨 The final work
🎨 A screenshot of the draft work/creation process.

You can submit your work by June 1st!

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out to us in Discord 📣

Let the creativity flow, and may the best comic win!🔥