How’s it going, Rollers? 🐹

Our great travel Around the World has come to an end 🗺 It was a fantastic journey, thanks to everyone who joined it!

But the RollerCoin journey doesn’t stop there! The new Season is just around the corner and our team prepared lots of cool updates for you! 😉

Curious about what new features RollerTeam has in the plans throughout the whole Season? 


  • A brand-new Season Pass!
  • TRX and LTC deposits
  • New Lucky RLT Cases
  • Electricity System Updates
  • Referral Program Changes
  • Halloween Event
  • Minimal Deposits Update 
  • Task Wall Improvements

A Brand-New Season Pass!

Long story short — free players will now receive rewards for EVERY level they complete! 🤩
We’ve also completely redesigned this Season Pass to make it more convenient for our players!

But let’s dive into the details 👇

The new Season Pass 🎟 will consist of two parts:

  • Free Pass 
  • Golden Pass

Free Pass

This section of the Season Pass is entirely free!

🎮 Just start completing Daily Quests 
✅ Pass the Levels
🏆 Claim your rewards for each completed level!

Gold Pass

Get DOUBLE the rewards for each level you pass with the Gold Pass for just 99.95 RLT!

🎮 Complete Daily Quests
✅ Pass the levels
🌟 Claim TWO rewards instead of one from both Free and Gold Passes!

 Just press the Activate Pass button to get your Golden Pass ⤵

If you don’t want complete all the levels, you can always get ALL REWARDS instantly by purchasing the Complete Season Pass for just 549.90 RLT ✨

TRX Deposits

The time has come, Rollers🔥
TRX deposits will become available with the start of new Season 🎉
Introducing the TRX coin turned out to be more difficult and took a bit more time than we expected, but the wait was worth it 😉

A 35% discount on RLT will be also waiting all the TRX fans in the first 3 days after release 🤑

What’s in the Works for This Season?

Our team is working on a bunch of new features we plan to introduce throughout the season. So, sit back and let’s dive right in! 👇

New Lucky RLT Cases

Our Lucky RLT Cases will receive a major upgrade 🙌 offering a wider range of winning opportunities!
Сompleting Daily Quests in Season Pass will become much easier since it will need only 3 RLT now 😉

The biggest Cases will also have the best odds of scoring great rewards.
25000 RLT reward for just 120 RLT, worth trying your luck, isn’t it? 👀

🔹Lucky 600 RLT Case: 3 RLT
🔹Lucky 1000 RLT Case: 5 RLT
🔹Lucky 2500 RLT Case: 12 RLT
🔹Lucky 6000 RLT Case: 30 RLT
🔹Lucky 15000 RLT Case: 70 RLT
🔹Lucky 25000 RLT Case: 120 RLT

Electricity System Updates

We’ve been collecting all your feedback about the new Electricity System ever since this feature was introduced into the game 👁
Right now, we’re actively working on improving it, and we’re doing it with your help! 🤝

An update is scheduled for this season, and you can check out the current draft of the update and share your feedback with us in this blog.

Click the button below and let’s make the game even better together! 🚀🎮

Referral Program Changes

A new improved Referral System is on the way! What will it include?

📈 Referrals Progression. You will have an opportunity to progress through levels and increase your referral’s commission! ​​Your referrals complete tasks – you get a profit 🤝 As you climb the progression ladder, your rewards will grow correspondingly 😉

🏆 Referral Leaderboard. Get even more crypto from your active referrals! The Leadearboard will be based on the amount of RLT purchased by your referrals 💰The higher your ranking is, the more crypto reward you will get./

🖥  A new user-friendly interface that lets you track your referral stats in more detail, helping you enhance your referral strategy 🤝

Task Wall Improvements

We keep improving the Task Wall to open for you even more ways to get RLT rewards!
Soon, you will be able to:

📈 Get X2 points in the Task Wall Leaderboard for completing Offertoro and CPX Surveys!
💰 Get additional rewards for completing Offertoro and CPX tasks in a new Daily Quest.

Halloween Event

Are you afraid of spooky hungry monsters, Rollers? 👻
You better not, because our one will bring a thrilling treat for you!

👾 Feed the hungry monster with your old-dusty miners 
🎃 Get special PumpkinCoins
🍬 Exchange them for brand-new event miners during the whole event!

Get ready to Trick or Treat! 🎮👻

Minimal Deposits Update

💲Minimal deposit amounts.

If you ever made any transactions of your crypto coins you’re probably aware that different Blockchain Networks come with their own transaction fees 👀
Recently, we’ve been receiving lots of reports from our players who accidentally deposited less than the network fee itself and lost their funds because of that 📥

That’s why we decided to add minimal deposit amounts for all the coins to protect players from losing their funds ☝
The minimal deposit amounts will be equal to approximately 3 RLT for each coin.

LTC Deposits

The next long-awaited coin – LTC 💥

We’ve been receiving many questions from you and now we are happy to say that LTC deposits are about to appear in the game!

As always, we are doing the process step-by-step, since adding new coins to the game is pretty complex and requires time and effort 🙌

That’s all we’ve prepared for you today, but even more cool features and updates are yet to come!

Stay tuned, don’t forget to spend all the RST and get ready for a new RetroBit adventure 🎮