Long story short – we have read all your feedback 🙌 Now we are showing our improved version of the rework, based on your comments!
Check our previous blog post in case if you don’t know what’s going on here 👇


Free power is back!

Just kidding, this is a longread, so we’re just catching your attention here.

Main points of the update:

🔹 Free manual recharge for basic cells;
🔹 Penalty for empty cells is OFF, if you have at least one cell charged;
🔹 For batteries, you may get cool Progression Event + Mini-game + Task Wall bonuses;
🔹 Bonus Power from absolutely everything (yes, “Items Panel” too) will demand batteries;
🔹 Auto recharge for Bonus/Extra Upgrade is free, as long as you have batteries!

✅ We took the very best from our previous System:

  • Extra revenue from selling batteries on Marketplace;
  • Easy onboarding for new players;

❌ And we’re getting rid of:

  • Obligation to visit the game daily to keep your miners producing power;
  • Forcing players to buy/get batteries to get at least some power from miners.

Your Previous Feedback

It is pretty important for us to make you see that we actually hear your feedback and take it into consideration 🤝 So, here are some stats from the previous poll, which show that we all are ready for some changes!

One of the most popular answers to “Which Bonus would you like to be added” was “Progression Event multiplier” and “Task Wall multiplier”.

As you already know from the big spoiler above – you’re getting it all at once, PLUS Mini-games multiplier, which affects the mining power you get from games!

Detailed Review Of The Concept

We were looking for a perfect balance between free and paid features, so now you have free cells to Recharge and new Upgrade options.

Recharge Option

You may do it every day, or once per three days – the penalty where you were cut by 20% of power every day of standby does not work anymore.

Here is a prototype of the whole idea:

You can see the 3 cells, and by hitting the “Recharge” button you get your free electricity. There is no penalty for losing cells, so you may do it once per three days.

Notice that there is NO way to auto-recharge the basic free electricity cells!

Upgrade Options

Now, when clicking on the “Upgrade” button, you will see a pop-up just like the one you see when getting yourself a Season Pass, and you may choose between Multiplier Upgrade and Extra Upgrade.

In this table you can see the list of bonuses 👆 which each of the Upgrades gives you.
Basic mining power from miners and games is absolutely free!

  • Multiplier Upgrade gives you Progression Event, Task Wall and Mini-games boost.

    🔹 Progression Event multiplier will be added to the one you have, so if you have, say x1,40 in the game, and you turn on the Upgrade, you get x1,60!
    🔹 Task Wall multiplier gives you 20% more RLT, but it does not work with offers which already have x2 rewards, so keep that in mind ☝
    🔹 Mini-games give you +100% power, but this does not affect any drops.

  • Extra Upgrade gives you all the multipliers + Bonus Power % from your miners, racks, Items Panel and any other source.

Auto-recharge And Disabling

⚡ Auto-recharge for any Upgrade is free, but keep your basic power cells on, since Upgrades work only when you have at least 1 cell charged!

Auto-recharge is enabled automatically when you choose the Upgrade and lasts for as long as you have enough Batteries 🔋 (and free electricity cells charged), or until you disable it manually.

Once in 24 hours, you may disable the Upgrade or switch to another one 👍

Expected Impact On The Game

The way we see it, this update will have a lot of positive consequences. No anxiety, the option of semi-passive playing is back, and there are new amazing bonuses, which we never got before!

One of the predictions is a price drop on Batteries on the Marketplace 😉

Active Players:

You will surely get maximum profit out of this update and leave far behind those who prefer not to play!🎮

And we do love our active players 💙 because you guys are the reason we have the inspiration to make your experience varied and interesting.


You will have enough time to onboard before they even get their first Bonus Power, and have a need for a battery.
You may mine and save tokens for free for some time, and only then decide to take some extra advantage.

Why Your Feedback Is Important

This feature is really important, so we need to hear every voice. Feel free to express your opinion in the form below! 🤝

Please, don’t think: “My vote won’t change anything”.

If all who love this idea will remain silent, we will get only negative feedback and forget about this whole thing. Well, we won’t, of course, but hopefully you get the point 😉

Even a fully random answer will help us much more than the one which was never given, so kindly fill the form below!