Hey, our creative Rollers!

Remember our Miner Art Contest? 🤔We are so proud of our incredibly talented Rollers! 🥰 So we are happy to announce that our Contest is back, but in a completely new format 🎊 — we sincerely believe that you will like these updates! 🙌🌟

Rewards up to $1000 await you, interested? 🤩💸

So sit back and listen to how to win this time! 👀💫

What Should My Miner Be About?

The creation of future masterpieces always begins with an idea! 💡

Rollers, we do not limit you in choosing a theme for your miner, it can be some magical creature 🦄 or a recognizable attribute — you are free to choose the story you want to tell with your artwork! 🙌💫

However, our team has prepared a list of upcoming event themes that you can choose for your miner if you want 😌 so here they are:

🔹Winter Holidays
🔹Lunar New Year
🔹Brazil Carnival
🔹St. Patrick’s Day

Choose the topic that you like the most so that the process brings only pleasure!

How Should I Create My Miner?

Splendid! 🪄💫

Now that you know what your work will be about, you need to understand the criteria for creating a miner — the resolution of your canvas, the number of pixels, shapes and forms, and other details 👐✨

The requirements are quite simple, so we invite you to familiarize yourself with them in our guide 📑 👇

How Does My Miner Work?

Whew 😮‍💨 what to draw — we chose, and how to draw — we figured it out 🎊 So…Is it finally possible to submit your work and get great rewards for it? 🤤

Wait a little ☝️now that your super cool miner is ready, it’s worth checking the following to avoid curiosities 👀:

🦋Does it technically meet all the requirements?
🦋Does the animation work correctly — without breaks, etc.?
🦋What does the miner look like on the shelf in the RollerCoin room?
🦋Have you made a frame with a switched-off miner (a picture of the miner at the moment when it turns off without electricity)?

✏️Tip: photoshop your awesome miner into your RollerCoin room to check that it really fits and be satisfied with the work you`ve done! 🤩🤘

Reveal the Inner Kitchen of Working On Your Miner

We want to see your unique and personal works. Show us the birth of your art 🐣 your inspiration 🦋 and process in detail ⚙️

Let us understand the story of the creation of your masterpiece and believe in it! 🌟🤝

Show Your References

Share your sources of inspiration 🧚‍♀️: send photos, art, videos, anything that inspired you and get extra rewards for it! 🎁🙌 We have to spread it, because it is creative people who help other creative people to develop 🤩 

This point is a mandatory part of participation in our brand-new Miners Art Contest.

Document Your Process (optional)

Share the process of your successful miner creation 🙌

Show that your work is unique, send step-by-step screenshots of your creation process, reveal secret details and get extra rewards for it 🎁💫

How Will My Artwork Be Evaluated?

Remember, it is the quality 🌟 of execution and uniqueness that will be evaluated, because art must be honest ☝️😌

You can find out more about the criteria by which your miner will be evaluated in our guide here 👉 How To Make RollerCoin Choose Your Miner

Get Your Tastiest Rewards in Crypto!

Getting an award for your creativity in the crypt sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? 🤔However, this is reality 🤩 so the 10 most talented Rollers will receive the following awards:

🔹the CRYPT 🤑
🔹trophy on the shelf 🏆
🔹your own awesome miner 🎨
🔹popularity 🌟 because we will share artworks and their authors!

Meet the list of rewards 👇

PlaceMiner`s rarityReward

❗️Do you remember that there will be an additional reward for documenting the process? So you will receive +5000 RST for it!

❗️Oh, one more important thing! In addition to the main winners, there will be 10 honorable mentions and each of them will receive 100 RLT 🤩💸

Honorable mentions are some of the best and the most interesting works of our Rollers, which we want to share with everyone!

So now that your miner is ready 🥳 and all the references and secrets of your masterpiece are revealed 👀 it’s time to submit your work and cross your fingers for the win! 🤞🌟

☝️So from today until December 11, we accept your artworks!


❓ What should be the theme of my miner?
❕You can choose any miner theme you want or choose one from our team.

❓How many miners can I send?
❕You can send as many works as you want, the main thing is to follow all the rules of the Contest.

❓ Is it allowed to create a miner by a team?
❕Yes, but you must list all the authors of the miner and their part of the work.

Is it necessary to show the creation process and references?
Yes, this is a mandatory rule of the Contest.

Is it necessary to animate my miner?
❕Yes, but you can ask someone for help. Don’t forget to add your assistant to the authors!

❓ What are the miner’s technical parameters?
❕You can familiarize yourself with them in our guide 📑👉 Making Your Own Miner Technical Guide

By what criteria is my miner evaluated?
❕You can find the criteria by which your miner will be evaluated in our guide here 👉 How To Make RollerCoin Choose Your Miner