Hi, Rollers! 🐹

Are you ready to dive into an amazing show, where magic is in the air, and you are surrounded by fantastic animals and beasts? 🤩

We are starting our traditional Miner Art Contest, which is loved by so many of you, and of course it is a special event for us.

Please welcome Miners Art Contest: Magic Beasts! 👺

Awesome prizes!

Miners of the winners will be included in an exclusive Loot Box, which will go on sale with the start of Season 6 ✨

Besides, the winners will receive:

👉 Free copy of the miner designed by you!
👉 Up to 10% of sales of your miner in RLT 🤑
👉 A special trophy for those artists whose miner has been included to the game!

Contest Rules

Style matters!

This time the theme of our contest is Magic Beasts!

Unicorns 🦄 fairies 🧚‍♂️ Cthulhu himself or an ancient nymph, mermaids 🧜‍♀️ and dragons 🐉 – there is a lot to choose from! Recall all the fantasy books you have read and bring your imagination to life!

This time we are asking you to make actual themed miners. We mean like machines with coolers – remember how it’s been before? 🎛

We want to return to the original context, so we would appreciate your support here! So, no more pets on the racks – only miners!

Design MUST be yours!

Please note, that you can not use any copyrighted materials to create your own design. For example: copyright protected illustrations, cartoons, animated films and assets from other games etc.

Draw something yourself – this will be the best choice! 🙌

Non-compliance with this rule would lead to a permanent ban of your account and exclusion from participation in the Miners Art Contest.

How to draw?

Keep in mind that the resolution of the canvas matters!

Your miner must not exceed 58×25 pixels for 2-cell miners and 29×20 pixels for 1-cell miners, as shown above 👆

You can use any design software, such as: Adobe Photoshop or Aseprite, popular pixel art editor 👾

You should upload your picture in .png or .gif formats with transparency around your sprites 🔲

How to animate?

We had a big blog post about it, so you can refresh your memory now. Here it is.

Do not submit your miners via links on that page! Only on this page can you find the form!

It’s time to create, Rollers!

The contest starts today and takes place for the next two weeks, until August 19th 🗓

Send us your pieces of art using this form.

Good luck, Rollers! We are waiting for your amazing designs 🤩

Super trophy for all the winners!

If you ever won a Miners Art Contest in RollerCoin – you will now get a special trophy to place proudly in your room in the next Season 6: Magic Carnival!

Good luck, Rollers! We are waiting for your amazing designs 🤩