Attention all creative Rollers! 

The Miner Art Contest is back, inviting you to show off your incredible miner designs and embrace the summer vibes! 🌅🌴

Prepare your mouses and pixels, as a staggering prize pool of up to 15,000 RLT awaits you! 🫵🤩

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, as the event runs until June 30th.

So sit back and get ready to discover the secrets to winning this time! 👀💫

Get the Most Delicious Rewards!

 The 10 most talented Rollers will receive the following awards:

🔸 Huge portions of RLT 🤑
🔸 Your own awesome miner 🎨
🔸 Your name will be engraved in the history of RollerCoin!
🔸 Popularity 🌟 because we will share artworks and their authors!

Meet the list of rewards 👇

PlaceMiner`s rarityReward
1Legendary2500 RLT
2Epic1900 RLT
3Epic1700 RLT
4Rare1500 RLT
5Rare1300 RLT
6Rare1200 RLT
7Common700 RLT
8Common700 RLT
9Common500 RLT
10Common500 RLT

Do you remember that there will be an additional reward for documenting the process? So you will receive +5000 RST for it!

In addition to the main winners, there will be 10 honorable mentions and each of them will receive 250 RLT 🤩💸

What Should Be The Theme Of My Miner?

Let the colors of Miami Sunsets 🌅 paint your designs!

Stunning beaches 🌊 palm trees swaying in the breeze, and the pulsating nightlife of the iconic city 🌉 — choose any of these references or find your own inspiration!

Get ready to bring the Miami vibe to life! 💛💜

How Should I Create My Miner?

Now that you have a clear idea of your miner design, you need to understand the criteria for creating a miner — the resolution of your canvas, the number of pixels, shapes and forms, and other details 👐✨

These requirements are quite simple, check out our Technical Guide for all the necessary information 👇

The rules stated in the Technical Guide must be strictly followed.

How Will My Artwork Be Evaluated?

Remember, it is the quality 🌟 of execution and uniqueness that will be evaluated, because art must be honest ☝️😌

You can find out more about the criteria by which your miner will be evaluated in our guide here 👇

Reveal the Inner Kitchen of Working On Your Miner

Uniqueness is the key to talent!

Show us the birth of your art 🐣 your inspiration 🦋 and process in detail!

Let us understand the story of the creation of your masterpiece and believe in it! 🌟🤝

Show Your References 

Share your sources of inspiration 🤖: send photos, art, videos, anything that inspired you and get extra rewards for it! 🎁

This point is a mandatory part of participation in the Miners Art Contest.

Document Your Process (optional)

Show that your work is unique, send step-by-step screenshots of your creation process, reveal secret details and get extra rewards for it 🎁

This point is an optional part of participation in the Miners Art Contest.

How Does My Miner Work?

Now that your super cool miner is ready, it’s worth checking the following to avoid curiosities 👀

🔹 Does it technically meet all the requirements?
🔹 Does the animation work correctly — without breaks, etc.?
🔹 What does the miner look like on the shelf in the RollerCoin room?
🔹 Have you made a frame with a switched-off miner (a picture of the miner at the moment when it turns off without electricity)?

✏️Tip: photoshop your awesome miner into your RollerCoin room to check that it really fits and be satisfied with the work you`ve done!

It’s Time To Create!

So now that your miner is ready 🥳 and all the references and secrets of your masterpiece are revealed it’s time to submit your work and cross your fingers for the win! 🤞

From today until June 30, we accept your artworks!


❓ What should be the theme of my miner?
❕Stunning beaches, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and the pulsating nightlife of the iconic city — this is Miami Sunset!

❓How many miners can I send?
❕You can send as many works as you want, the main thing is to follow all the rules of the Contest.

❓ Is it allowed to create a miner by a team?
❕Yes, but you must list all the authors of the miner and their part of the work.

Is it necessary to show the creation process and references?
Yes, this is a mandatory rule of the Contest.

Is it necessary to animate my miner?
❕Yes, but you can ask someone for help. Don’t forget to add your assistant to the authors!

❓ What are the miner’s technical parameters?
❕You can familiarize yourself with them in our guide 📑👉 Making Your Own Miner Technical Guide

By what criteria is my miner evaluated?
❕You can find the criteria by which your miner will be evaluated in our guide here 👉 How To Make RollerCoin Choose Your Miner