Hello, Rollers 👋🐹 and welcome to the new chapter of the Dev Diaries Vol.5 📒

Today we have a lot of topics to discuss such as the old familiar Task Wall and Marketplace and some new features that you’ll about to meet very soon ✨

So get yourself comfortable and let’s get into it 👇 👓


  • Task Wall Upgrades
  • Video Ads
  • Electricity System Rework
  • Block Reward Increase
  • Marketplace Stabilization
  • Parts Refactoring
  • Looking up to Season 8

Task Wall Improvements

Bet you already stumbled on some of the Task Wall changes that we have been developing for a long time, or you could read about in the Dev Diaries Vol.3

We are always pleased to hear your warm feedback on the work done 🥰 and we’re happy to say that the changes don’t stop there 😏

So right now we are in the process of adding new networks of Task Providers 📋 Just the other day we added Adgem 💎 and very soon you’ll see Theoremreach. Note that the list does not end there and will be supplemented by such providers as Lootably and Timewall so keep up with updates! 👍

In addition, the appearance of the section and its convenience will also improve. We’ll add some changes to the leaderboard to make it easier to access the rules of the mode, and also add congratulatory 🙌 windows for the winners with information about the past draw.

Finally, we want Task Wall to be more than just a source of RLT by integrating it even more into RollerCoin. At the moment we are still looking for the right format, and will come back to you with information about this later 😉

Video Ads in games

Soon enough you will be able to get more mining power from playing games by… Video Ads! 🤩

This works on a principle similar to Offers but is tied to games 🎮

So it’ll work like this:

🕹️ If you win, you’ll have the option to multiply the power reward for watching ads.

🕹️ If the game is lost, there will be an option to save the earned energy.

Well… you already know how these things work, don’t you 😏

Changing the Electricity System

For the release of Season 8, we are preparing a complete overhaul of the electricity system ⚡ We proceeded from the desire to bring the concept of mining closer to the real one, as well as to allow active players to be more flexible in the way they extract resources.

The main change is that the recharge of electricity will occur through the use of Batteries 🔋 Yes, you read it right 😏

Batteries will be sold at the Season Store for RST. Thus, they will be available primarily to active players who complete Daily and Weekly tasks 💪

Also batteries will be available on the Marketplace and, therefore, each player will be able to choose for himself how it is more profitable for him to receive them

Soon enough everyone will need batteries because now for each lost cell of electricity, you’ll lose part of your energy. So keep in mind that the electricity issue will become a little bit more important 👀

Block Reward Increase

This is the moment that all good Rollers are waiting for 👀

Yes! It’s time for the next round of rewards increase 🤩

Note that we have already raised the Block Reward 💸 two times this season and here is another upcoming increase by 25% for ALL coins 🔥

BTC: → 37500 SAT
ETH: → 0.0065
DOGE: → 120
BNB: → 0.038
MATIC: → 5
SOL: → 0.19
TRX: → 60
LTC: → 0.015

☝️ Remember that there will be one more increase during Season 7 ☝️

Improving and Optimization of the Game

We are constantly working on making the Game overall more entertaining and convenient for you, dear Miners 💜

So right now, work is underway to optimize and improve various aspects of the game such as… 👇

Registration Improvement

We’ve been watching and analyzing 🧐 the behavior of new players, in particular, how they register. As a result, we decided to simplify this process so that entering the game was as quick and simple as possible 😎

After we implement these changes, we would like you to give us feedback and share information about how much easier it became to attract referrals 😉 🤝

Marketplace Stabilization

One of the bottlenecks in RollerCoin remains the Marketplace 🛒 We are focusing on it each and every day and work around the detection of ways of abusing it 👁️

Therefore, based on our observations so far we are planning:

📍 Solutions aimed at distributing the load on the Marketplace. Thus, you’ll be able to decide whether to make a purchase now or wait for a decrease in demand. More detailed info will be announced closer to Season 8 ✅

📍 Fight against aggressive speculators. We actively detect and ban those who dishonestly trade on the Marketplace and prevent others from doing so. The most impudent ones will be banned occasionally🚨

But one of the biggest changes is…

Parts Refactoring

This is a very important change for us as game developers. “Under the hood” we radically change the logic that is embedded in the parts system ⚙️

And for you – the Players, this will bring not only the acceleration of the market 📈 and the merge ⚒️ but also the ability to buy immediately for 9999 parts at a time! 😮 We hope this news will be as joyful as it is for us 😇

However, we have more to say about the Parts 👇

More about the Parts

Many of you, especially those who were with us until Season 6, know that there used to be completely different systems for Merging and Mining parts. And the old decisions still affect us to this day 😐

For example, players have a lot of Rare and Legendary parts in stock. As a result, their price on the Marketplace does not correspond to what we included in the balance model. Some Epic parts are more expensive than Legendary.

❗ We do not consider this situation normal and are looking for a solution to it.

The problem also affected Merging. Now merging miners, especially at Epic, Legendary, and Unreal levels, are much more profitable than planned. In this regard, we plan to revise the cost of the merge upwards.

The Upcoming Season

Time flies so fast – it feels like Season 7 just came out, but it’s already time to prepare for the next one ⏳

We have some ideas for the New season BUT… If you follow our social media, you probably already know that this time we gave YOU the opportunity to choose the theme of Season 8 🌟

If, for some reason, you missed it, here is the FORM where you can make your personal choice and make your contribution to it 🙌

We hope you enjoy picking the new theme and will be much appreciated by us 🌞

Stay Tuned!

So that’s it for now, Rollers 🐹 We’ll keep you updated with more cool stuff on our social media, so don’t forget to follow and keep up 🤳📱

In other words – Stay tuned!✌️