Hey there, RollerFamily 🐹

Welcome to the special edition of RollerCoin Dev.Diaries! πŸ“š

We’ve carefully collected and analyzed all your feedback regarding the new Electricity System over the past few months πŸ‘€ and it’s clear that some definite improvements are in order!

But how is it going to be improved? Let’s decide together! 🀝

We are presenting the first draft version of the reworked Electricity System and ask you to share your feedback regarding it via special form at the end of the Blog.

Let’s do it, Rollers πŸ‘‡

Electricity System Changes

Long story short, some cells will become FREE to recharge again 😎🀝

But let’s start with the basics πŸ‘‡

Please note that the version presented below is a draft, and the final version may differ.

πŸ“ There will still be five electricity cells, each with a 24-hour expiration period β€” this part will remain unchanged.

πŸ“ What is going to be changed?

1. Each cell
from the progress bar will enable/disable various types of power and bonuses.
2. Some cells will become free to recharge, and some of them will still need batteries to restore πŸ”‹

πŸ”Ή Cells 1-3 will become FREE to recharge (no batteries needed) 😎
πŸ”Ή Cells 4-5 will need batteries to recharge πŸ”‹

Raw Power Cells

First 3 cells in the progress bar will maintain your raw Mining Power.

Raw Mining Power – the mining power produced by miners and games without adding Bonus Power.

These cells will work in the same way as the old recharge system:

⚑ FREE to recharge (no batteries needed).
⚑ Your raw mining power will remain fully sustained as long as you have at least 1 cell charged.

Bonus Power Cell

πŸ“ The fourth cell will activate all types of Bonus Power, specifically, the power from Collection Bonus.
⚑ This cell will need to be recharged with batteries πŸ”‹ every 24 hours. It may cost 1 or more batteries (this subject is currently being worked on).
πŸ“ Once the 4th cell is lost, all your Bonus Power will be deactivated (while the raw power remains active).

Extra Bonuses Cell

And last, but not the leastΒ  β€” the fifth cell!

⚑ It will also need to be recharged with batteries πŸ”‹ every 24 hours, and can cost 1 or more batteries.

The fifth cell will activate some extra bonuses which will give players additional boosts in the game πŸ“ˆ

What kind of bonuses can it be? We want YOU to decide! πŸ˜‰ Share your ideas with us via THIS FORM.

Here are some possible variants:

  • Progression Event multiplier (will increase the amount of point you get from the events)
  • Taskwall rewards multiplier (will increase the amount of rewards you get from the Task Wall).

What About Auto-Recharge Feature?

We plan to keep this feature unchanged ☝

So when you purchase a Season Pass (and you have at least one battery), the auto-discharge of batteries and auto-replenishment of electricity features will apply ⚑

Let’s Discuss!

This is the draft version of the upcoming Electricity System rework, and your feedback will play a crucial role on its further improvement! 🀝

Please fill in this formπŸ‘‡ to let us know your thoughts about the upcoming changes and suggestions for the possible Extra Bonuses you would like to get πŸ˜‰