Hey there, RollerFamily 🐹
You’ve been waiting for it, and the time has come! 🔥

First of all — we want to thank every Roller for the feedback you’ve been giving to us for these months 🙌

The current Electricity Update had several draft versions, each of which has been reworked and improved based on your input 🤝 The opinion of our players means everything to us, since everything we do is for you, Rollers ❤️

The update will be released on November 22 🕖 meanwhile, let’s check what’s waiting for us together 😉👇

UPD: Due to technical reasons Electricity System release will happen on Thursday, November 23 😉


  • Free recharge is coming BACK! Yes, for all types of power.
  • You need to recharge your miners every 24 hours, but the time can be extended for three more days with one battery.
  • Batteries can only be obtained from mini-games! And Marketplace, of course 😉

 How Is It Going To Work?

Let’s start with the Electricity Bar 😉

The updated Electricity Bar will contain 4 cells.
📌 Each cell lasts exactly 24 hours.

Free Cell

📌 The First Cell is completely FREE to recharge!
It will maintain ALL your mining power (both raw and bonus power).

🎯 Just hit the CHARGE button and all your power is fully active for the next 24 hours.

⏳ The CHARGE button becomes active once you have less than 12 hours left before the free cell is discharged, so you can recharge it again.

Battery Cells

No time to recharge your miners every 24 hours? 👀 No worries!

📍 Cells 2-4 will maintain all your mining power as well, and will need a battery to recharge.

  1. Make sure you have at least one battery 🔋
  2. Hit the UPGRADE button.
  3. All 4 cells are charged and your power will stay active for 4 days, instead of 1.

📍 You will need one battery 🔋 to recharge all three cells once.
📍 If you have fewer than three active battery cells, you can still recharge your empty cell/cells using one battery.

But I Don’t Have An Upgrade Button! Why?

Once the free cell is fully charged, some of you may find a PLAY button in the Electricity Bar, instead of UPGRADE.
That means that you have no batteries 👀

Get a battery and come back again to recharge your battery cells 😉⚡

How To Get Batteries?

Good news for active players, since the only way to get batteries will become drops from mini-games 🎮 (and the Marketplace, of course 😉).

📊 The drop chances will be dynamic, and will depend on the total in-game batteries supply (both Marketplace and Inventory supply).

  • The reward for Сomplete 1 Task Quest is replaced with a 30 RST reward.
  • Battery Cases from the Season Store will be removed ❌

This update will bring extra profit for those who stay active and play regularly 👇

🎮 Play games and get batteries.
🛒 Sell them to other players on Marketplace.
💰📈 Get extra RLT profit in addition to the power you got from playing games!

What About Auto-Recharge Feature?

☝️ Auto-recharge feature will be removed from the game.

But what if I bought the Gold Pass for this feature only, some of you might ask 👀
No worries!

Players, meeting the following criteria will get 30 batteries each as a refund:

  • purchased the Gold Pass before October 5th (before the release of the Electricity Update final version).
  • are currently at level five or below in the Season Pass.

If you are one of such players, please fill in the form below and we will contact you 👇

How Will The New Update Impact The Game?

This update will have a lot of positive consequences. No anxiety, the option of semi-passive playing is back!

🐹 Newcomers:

No need to spend extra funds on batteries, so onboarding process and first steps in building your own mining empire will become much easier 🙌

🎮 Active Players:

You will surely get maximum profit out of this update and leave far behind those who prefer not to play!

That’s all for today, Rollers!

Share your thoughts on the upcoming update 💬 participate in the raffle ✅ on our socials and get a chance to win a Steamwheedle miner!

See ya on November 22 😉