Hello, Rollers 👋🐹 and welcome to the new chapter of the Dev Diaries Vol.9 📒

We’ve got a lot of updates to share 🤩 Seriously, the number of them is so huge that we’ve decided to split our Dev.Diaries into two parts! 

In this one, we’ll cover the technical in-game updates ⚙ our plans, and thoughts 💬
The next part will be dedicated to the next season features, so don’t miss it 👀

Get yourself comfortable and let’s dive right in 👇 


  • Electricity Rework ✅
  • Marketplace Improvements ✅
  • LTC Deposits.
  • Anti-Cheat Updates.
  • Item Panel Update.

Electricity Rework

This blog is being written shortly before the release of Electricity System Update. By the time you read this article, you’ll have the chance to test the updated system yourself! But let’s add a few words from our side 😉

Over the past few months, we’ve carefully gathered all your feedback on the Electricity System. The latest update underwent several iterations, with each one reworked and improved based on your input 🤝

Now, getting batteries will become much easier, and the efficiency of a single battery has increased — it can recharge all your miners for 3 days straight!

But even without batteries, players can still fully recharge their mining rooms for free! Just visit the game daily and don’t forget to hit the Charge button 🎯

We hope you’ll enjoy it! 🐹

Marketplace Improvements

As you might already have noticed, we’ve added some cool adjustments 😎 Buying goods will become much easier now!

📌 Miners and racks characteristics are now displayed directly on the offer list page.

What’s added:

  • Collection bonus
  • Rack bonus

📌 Some new filters have been added as well. Finding the item you need is much easier now! Just set your desired parameters 👇

  • Collection bonus range
  • Rack bonus range
  • Power sort
  • Collection bonus sort
  • Rack bonus sort

📌 MAX button has been added to the price filter. It allows you to set your current RLT balance as the max range.

📌  All the range bars’ maximum values are automatically adjusted based on the highest value on the market.
Share your opinion about current marketplace features and possible further improvements through this from 👇

LTC Deposits

Working on this feature took a bit more time than expected 👀 but we are happy to announce that LTC deposits are about to appear in the game at the beginning of the new season!

The minimum deposit amount will be 0.05 LTC.

But what about LTC withdrawals? They are certainly in the plans! LTC withdrawals are planned to be added in 2024.

Anti-Cheat Updates

Protecting fair players against cheaters has always been our highest priority 💯

We keep taking steps to address any rule violations and prevent potential game abuse.

📌 A bug allowing manipulation of market prices through continuous order price editing has been fixed.

📌 CAPTCHA for marketplace operations has been also added.
❓ Why is it so important for all the fair players?

While it might impact some players’ trading experience, it also helps to clear marketplace of bots and let fair players get access to the best market deals  🛒

What do you think of the latest CAPTCHA update? Leave your feedback via this form 👇

Item Panel Update

We’ve received a lot of feedback from you and it’s clear that some improvements are in order!

What’s in plans? 👇

  • Separate tabs for miners and racks
  • Adding filters
  • Sorting by set parameters
  • Auto-removing all miners from the room feature
  • And more

The ETA is set for the first quarter of 2024 🗓

To be clear, item panel update is a complex process involving lots of time and efforts ☝The update can be divided into several parts as well as other changes may appear in the process of development. But fear not, we will keep you informed about everything 😉

Items Panel Update could also include the change many of you asked so far 😉
This change is Inventory Bonus Removal.
This means that the collection bonus from miner placed in players’ Inventory won’t be counted any more.

What improvements would you like to see in the Items Panel update? Share your feedback through the form below 👇

The best ideas even could make it to the release!

That’s all from RollerDancer 🕺and the Team for today! 🐹
We’ve got a lot of plans for the upcoming months, but even more is yet to come!
Stay tuned, Rollers 💚