Hey Rollers! 👋

We’re excited to wrap up our WinterFest YouTube Contest! 📹

It was great to see the effort and dedication you put into your videos about RollerCoin! 🤧 We are proud that our Rollers are so talented and really professional in various aspects! You are an example of a great community! 🙌🌟

So, the results are already waiting! 🥁

What Was The Contest For?

The main idea of the contest was to tell about the spiritual part of RollerCoin 🧚 

We wanted to find talented Rollers who can tell about how the various events in RollerCoin work, because there are really many of them! It was also equally important to convey that in RollerCoin there is an opportunity to earn passively and actively, choosing your own style of play! 🫡 

And the main thing is to tell everything about it with all your heart, which you did perfectly 🤲🤍

And 🥁 … Here Are the Winners!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the works of the winners! Each of them put a piece of their soul into the video, so we are grateful for that 🤧❤️

Our team wants to note how you really tried and explained about RollerCoin in an accessible way and revealed the essence of each event! 🙌

These are incredible masterpieces and you are worthy of all the awards! 🏆✨

The First place deservedly goes to Rob Strongo

Here is a wonderful reward: 500 RLT + Event Pass

⭐ The Second place deservedly goes to PieritoGod

Here is a wonderful reward: 250 RLT + Event Pass

The Third place deservedly goes to Aram

Here is a wonderful reward: 100 RLT + Event Pass

The Fourth place deservedly goes to NFTHACIO

Here is a wonderful reward: 100 RLT + Event Pass

The Fifth place deservedly goes to yashar

Here is a wonderful reward: 50 RLT + Event Pass

Stay Tuned!

Thank you for your creative contribution to the RollerCoin community! 🙌❄️

It is incredible that you never cease to amaze us with your ideas and masterpieces!

Keep up the good work and remember that RollerCoin will always support you in your creativity! ✨

Stay with us!

With love, the Hamster 🐹❤️