Hey hey hey, Rollers! 🖐️

Welcome to the next big chapter of the RollerCoin 🤩

🐹 Hamster went through his 80’s disco times and now he invites you to his new Car Dealership where it’s all about feeling that racing adrenalin ⚡ and wheeling a real metal 💪

Get ready to pump up your Miners – It’s Metal Mayhem time! 🔥🤘

Season 8 Summary

  • All New Season Pass
  • Event Pass Upgrade
  • New Content of the Season Store
  • Event Quests Rebalance
  • Merge and Recipes in new Season

All New Season Pass

So you wanna be a Roller… But your wheels ain’t fly – you gotta hit these miners up to get an upgrade ride 🎤

Check out a set of new amazing Season Pass miners that’ll get you working on your power and style which also can be merged to get more powerful versions of them 🦾

Demon Speeding

10 Gh/s

15400 Gh/s
Smokin’ Hotrod

36300 Gh/s

78500 Gh/s
Twin-Tire Driller

114000 Gh/s
Gear Grabber

152550 Gh/s

213600 Gh/s

But there are more! This time the variety of miners is truly remarkable! 🤯 Over 40 miners are distributed between Season Store, Community Case and Seasonal Events will be waiting for you to get them all! 💥

Event Pass Upgrade

Get access to all Premium Seasonal Rewards to grab yourself exclusive miners for 99.95 RLT 

But… if you don’t want complete all the levels, you can always get ALL REWARDS instantly by purchasing the Complete Event Pass for just 699.95 RLT ✨

Most hungry players can always get all Season Pass rewards three more times! Each purchase gets cheaper so getting Season Pass for the last time is 449.95 RLT 🤑

Season Store Content

There are slight changes in the Season Store 👀 Now In addition to the Common Hashboards, Fans and Wires cases known to you, a new Full of Rust case and powerful Car miners will appear 😎

Common Hashboard Case

40 RST
Common Fans Case 

40 RST
Common Wires Case

40 RST
Full of Rust Case

1500 RST
M-Engine (188000 Gh/s)

5000 RST
Classic Fury (418000 Gh/s)

10000 RST
Winkin’ Skarlet (1136000 Gh/s)

25000 RST

Oh! Definitely check out Full of Rust Community Case filled with outstanding wasteland theme miners from our last Fury Road Riders Art Contest! 🙌 You’ll be impressed by those miners for sure 💯

You may probably noticed that we have updated the showcase of miners in the store so it is now easier to choose, and prices are more affordable 🤝

Also note that the season storefront will not be regularly updated. Changes are certainly possible but not planned on a regular basis.

Event Quests Rebalance

Now let’s run through the changes in Event Quests. There are some more ways now for a quick and simpler XP gain 👀

⚙️ Open Case Tasks now ONLY includes Lucky RLT Case

⚙️ Now Task Wall has a new optional task for completing. Task Wall is getting more profitable as it is a quick way to gain additional easy RLT and XP for the faster completion of the Event Pass.

⚙️ Earn even more XP for completing Events and constant Leaderboard competitions 🏆 You will need it to complete this Season.

⚙️ All Mini-games now give x2 Mining Power as an additional reward ⚡

Merge and Recipes in new Season

You probably noticed that the merge has changed. This is a complex change to the mechanics that we wrote about earlier in our 📙 Dev Diaries vol 6. And includes updating recipes, a one-time change in the power of already merged miners and updating the storefront.

New changes aimed to slow down the growth of Total Power by fixing a merge that was too cheap and gave a power boost at a low cost which now give you instant power up for all miners of level II and above 😎

Now you have a new simplified principle for determining the power of a miner 🧐 Formation of the merge recipesis retained, but is now calculated at the market prices of the parts. 

Market prices for parts and miners will be increased in order to dispose of parts from the market and from players’ inventories.

In other words Merge is now fairly priced and becomes more transparent in its recipe 👍

Ignite Your Engines

Hold on to your seats, Rollers 🐹

This Season will have a lot of new events and contests down the road 😎 There are a lots of playing and merging to be done 🙌 So follow our social media to stay on the road and not to miss a turn 📱

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