Hello there, Rollers! 🐹

Have you already missed our Double Reward Weeks, huh? Get ready because today, we prepared something even more exciting for our great community! 💥

From now, we will choose not one, but up to four coins at the same time to be increased! 

How is it going to work?

Every Monday, we will choose 2-4 coins to increase the block size for them 🤑

The block reward for each selected coin will increase at a specific rate! It can be 1.5, 2.5, or even more! 📈 Thus, block rewards will constantly change, making each selected crypto more profitable to mine!

The increased rewards for the selected coins will be held for at least 1 week. After that the new rewards will be chosen, so every player will get a chance to grab the most out of the increased block rewards for their favorite coins 😍

Stay tuned not to miss the latest Weekly Rewards Updates!

We will announce the selected coins and the rates of increase every Monday, so do not miss the latest updates and don’t forget to switch your mining power 🤩

Meet the coins of the first week of increased rewards 🤑👇

ETH: 0.005 → 0.008 

BNB: 0.012 → 0.02 

MATIC: 3 → 4 

That’s all for today! But we plan on returning one more feature everyone has been waiting for VERY soon, so stay tuned 😉