Long time no see, Rollers! 🐹

Recently, another Miners Art Contest took place, where everyone could share their vision of how a miner should look like. This time the topic was Underwater Adventures! 🌊

We received more than 2 thousand beautiful pieces of art, and we truly want to applaud everyone who participated. You, Rollers, are the most talented community ever! 😍

Without any further ado, let’s welcome our winners!

The TrappedGatoPianista
Golden CorralAndri
Diving MaskSonic
TurtleCoinMina Hikari

Congratulations to the winners! πŸŽ‰ All these miners will be included in the new Community Case which will go on sale with the start of Season V πŸ’«

And, of course, our winners not only get the fame and glory, but a sweet prize! 🎁
A copy of the miner designed by the winner, and up to 10% from sales of the miner in RLT! πŸ€‘

More amazing art that should be seen!

We got a lot of miners, really 😲 There are still some designs which were so close to the victory and really worth to be seen and awarded! So, meet the winners of another category πŸ‘‡Β 

Honorable mentions

The KrakenDaniel
Captain ClawOliverNightmare
20,000 LeaguesLittle Glass
The BlobfishMoscato Analyst
Baby KrakenFlautista
Treasure MapPetterCh

Congratulations!πŸ‘ All the winners of this category will receive 100 RLT awards for their amazing designs!

More is about to come!

We want to thank every participant for every single piece of art you sent to us! 🀝

You did an amazing job, and of course we won’t stop making these contests, so everyone will get a lot of chances to become one of the best πŸ’―

So stay tuned, since this summer is going to be hot! πŸ”₯