How’s it going, Rollers!🐹

Blow up your balloons 🎈🎈 bring your friends together ✌️ and let’s have a party! 🎉🎊

Meet our brand-new referral contest 🌟 with renewed rules and even more awesome prizes 🎁🔥

Now let’s get to it! 👀👇

Gather Your Friends and Grab Amazing Prizes!

🐵 As always, the rules are extremely simple:

1. Invite as many referrals as you can in the game 🤩
2. Get to the 🔝 of the Leaderboard;
3. Receive your super prizes! 💰

But this year we’ve made some changes and now the rewards for your referrals can be received in two categories.

Rewards for the Number of Referred Users

Prizes for the Top contestants🏆 in this Leaderboard will be given out every week.

There will be a total of 5 winners for each week. This means that a total of 20 winners will receive unique Cappadocia Genie event miners 🙌

Cappadocia Genie miner (90000 Gh/s)

Place in the LeaderboardCappadocia Genie miners

But that’s not all! 😏

Get Rewarded for Your Referral’s Purchases Also

At the end of the contest, the Top Five winners who will receive the most income 📈 from their refs will also receive super prizes in crypto! 🤩

Bring the most active players to get the best rewards 🤝

Place in the LeaderboardReward in Crypto
Only commission from the RLT spent by your referrals will be counted ✅
RLT case, marketplace purchases, and your referrals’ mining will not be considered ❌

Beware of Foul Play

As you know, we always stand for honest competition 🤝 so if any signs of cheating 🤥 are noticed on a contestant’s account, this account will not be counted and will probably even be banned for abusing the referral system🚨

Actions like incentive traffic, temporary emails, or multi accounts will be considered as cheating ☝️

Now that we have things covered, let’s get this party started! 🥳🥳🥳 Send your “invitations” 📤 and bring everybody on board with our great #RollerFamily 🐹💪

Let’s Roll!🤘