Dear Rollers, the day has come. The very last day of the presale. On the first day of Winter, we finish the first stage of the RollerTokens sale. Starting on December 1, RollerTokens will cost more and all bonuses that you get can get now will no longer be available. You know what this means? Right, this is the last chance to purchase RLT on this attractive price and conditions. Tomorrow you will not have this opportunity anymore! GO AND GET THEM!

  Going back to the news in RollerCoin – we are working hard on the next update, in which we will fix the referral system issues, add a new location for purchasing with RLT’s aaaaaand….
A NEW GAME! You will be able to receive every little piece of that referral commissions, place all your miners in the new room and play a shiny new game, which game it would be is yet a secret. The update will hit the game next week.

  Until that moment you have a little more time to GRAB YOUR ROLLERTOKENS ON THE presale CONDITIONS. Because it’s the last day, remember? We don’t want you to feel disappointed, because you missed the presale and haven’t purchased enough Rollertokens! So don’t let this happened, use the last chance to fill your account with RollerTokens!