Long time no see, Miners 🐹

Can you see those thousand lanterns lighting up the dark sky? 🏮

Grab your mooncake 🥮 and let’s start celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with Hamster! 💫

When the Moon Shines So Bright…

The most beloved event is here once again! 🥳

Meet the Moon Festival — an event in which you can collect points for completing different tasks and receive amazing rewards for it! 🎁

How To Get My Points?

There are few ways to gain points 👇

1️⃣ Play games! 

  • Play your favorite mini-games🕹 and pass the levels to gain points! Each completed difficulty level will add 5 points to your progression bar.
  • Completed all the levels in all games? 😲 Take a break and come back when the levels in your games reset 📉

Is it the only way to get the points? Not at all! 

2️⃣ Get 10 points for each RLT you spent in the Store!

  • Spend RLT to complete Event Quests, or get yourself a couple of miners on sale from Weekly Offers! 
  • And in the meantime, your progression bar will fill with 10 points for each spent RLT, bringing you even more cool rewards for it! Isn’t it fantastic? 🤩
❕Please note that spending RLT on Marketplace and for Merging is not counted in this Event


Wanna get as many points as you can even more quickly? 

Grab up to x10 points for each level you passed or RLT you spent!

Purchase RLT and multiply the points you get by a certain rate!

Each purchase RLT will give you +x1 to your points 📈 So, for example, after getting 4 RLT, you will receive 20 points for each completed level instead of 5!

Each multiplier is valid for 1 hour, but players can maintain and increase it at the same time by opening one more Сase before the timer ends 👍

So, if you got x2 Multiplier and then purchase one more RLT in 59 mins, then you will have x3, which is valid for one more hour ⏳  

Don’t Miss Your Lunar Prizes!

Play games 🕹 and pass the levels to get Bonus Power 📈 unique Trophies 🏆 portions of RLT and new Roller Season Token 🤑 and even super-powerful Moon Festival miners!

Start having fun right now and grab the most out of this Event with RollerCoin! 👇