Hello, Rollers! 🐹

Do you hear the sounds of the construction site? 🛠🪚

The stage is almost ready! 💫
Hamster gathered his friends to show you something truly amazing and magical!

Welcome to the Magic Carnival!

The world-famous Hamster Magic Carnival troupe is now in your town! 🎭 A magnificent magic show is about to start very soon! 

Professional entertainers, acrobats, magicians, fortune-tellers 🔮 and a lot of other joyful things — this is how you will spend your Autumn! 🤩

You will definitely fall in love with Season 6: Magic Carnival! 🎪

What is Hidden Inside the Mystery Case?

Look, it seems that the famous Magician left his mystery box here! Is it the true invisibility cloak and magic wand?

Be careful, all these miners are imbued with the huge power of ancient magic! 💥 Ready to see which one is going to be yours? 😉

MinerNamePowerRarityDrop Chance
TLM-2000450.000 Th/sLegendary0,5%
The Nemesis450.000 Th/sLegendary0,5%
Nucleus100.000 Th/sEpic4,5%
Prescilla100.000 Th/sEpic4,5%
Survivor75.000 Th/sRare6%
The Blubber35.000 Th/sRare12%
Armageddon35.000 Th/sRare12%
Lava-Tomb35.000 Th/sCommon20%
The Blup26.000 Th/sCommon20%
Lava-Box26.000 Th/sCommon20%

Safety First!

Don’t forget to wear your Construction Hat! 👷‍♂️

Watch out for bricks 🧱 and falling hamsters!

The Magic of Discounts!

Ready for one more magic trick? During this Event only, you can exchange your BTC for RLT with a 25% discount! 🤩

Then use it to buy Season 6 Event Pass and get all magic rewards — this is what we call smart investment planning! 🤓

More and More Surprises Ahead!

This is only the beginning, Roller!

We have prepared a lot of fun stuff for you this Season, including events and giveaways that you already know and love, and new actions, where you can of course get a lot of cool stuff for your Mining Empire! 🤩

Stay tuned! This Autumn will bring you a good harvest! 🔥