Olá, Rollers 👋

Hamster here broadcasts from sunny Brazil 🇧🇷 And he wants to invite you to a Carnival – a wild celebration of food, music, and fun 🥳🎆💃

So put on your most spectacular outfit and join him in the great celebration! 🎉

Catch the Rhythm of Samba

So here we are at Brazil Carnival 🎊☀️ — an event where you play games 🎮 collect points by completing various quests from the Hamster 📋 and as a result receive incredible rewards 🎁

Now let’s talk in detail about how it works, shall we?😎

Points, Points, Points…

You probably already know this but it won’t harm to recall the Event mechanics👇

So you can:

🥁 Get 500 points for each level passed in mini-games!

  • Play mini-games 🎮 and pass the levels to gain points! Each completed difficulty level will add 500 points to your progression bar
  • Completed all the levels? Great!

Have a cocktail 🍹and relax while the levels in your games reset

Or… you can

🥁 Get 1000 points for each RLT you spent in the Store!

Spend RLT and fill your progression bar 🙌

  • Spend RLT to Complete Event Quests 📋
  • Merge miners and parts ⚙️
  • Get a couple of miners from Weekly and Crafting Offers! ⚒️
For each 0.01 RLT spent, players will get 10 point. If you purchase a miner for 12.5 RLT, you’ll get 12500 points

Please note it doesn’t apply to Marketplace purchases

Keep in mind that each RLT spent on Marketplace 🛒 gets you 500 points

For example, each 0.01 RLT spent on Marketplace gets you 5 points. Which means, if you spend 7.5 RLT, you’ll receive 3750 points

But that’s not all with points 👀

The Multiplier and how does it work

💰 Purchase RLT and multiply the points you get by a certain rate!

Each 1 RLT purchase will give you +x0.1 to your points ⚡

🌞 After purchasing 10 RLT you will receive + x1 multiplier.

🌞 Each multiplier is valid for 1 hour, but you can maintain and increase it at the same time by opening one more Сase before the timer ends 🕕

Remember, if you got x2 Multiplier and then purchase one more RLT in 59 mins, then you will have x3,which is valid for one more hour ⏳ 

☝️ The maximum multiplier can be obtained for 90 RLT

Bright and Flamboyant Carnival Rewards

Jump in the crowd and feel the heat of the Brazilian party 🔥 As this Carnival is full of prizes of RLT and RST 🤑 great amounts of Bonus Power ⚡ Event Pass XP, and more exclusive miners!

Now see for yourself how cool and full of neat rewards this party is 🤩

1Bonus Power 10.000 Gh/s for 1 Day
20.1 RLT
325 Event Pass EXP
4RollerArc S1
5Bonus Power 20.000 Gh/s for 1 Day
675 Event Pass EXP
7Bonus Power 25.000 Gh/s for 3 Days
8RollerMiner S7
10Bonus Power 50.000 Gh/s for 3 Days
11Jet-Black Rack 6
12RollerMiner S5+
13Jet-Black Rack 8
14Bonus Power 75.000 Gh/s for 3 Days
15Rare Jungle King
161000 RST
17O Mineiro
18Jet-Black Rack 6
19Uncommon Dancing Queen
201500 RST
21Chaise Longue
23Hasher Rack 8
24Rare Jungle King

So relax, have fun 💃 and grab as many prizes as you can get out of this Carnival!😎

Catch the rhythm and go with the flow 🎶👇