Hello, Rollers! 🐹

2023 has just started, but it promises to be exciting, doesn’t it? 😉

Time is running wild, but the main things remain unchanged — transparency and openness of our team in all situations! 

Today we want to share with you some technical issues that have occurred recently and discuss with you our solutions for getting them resolved! 🤝

Facebook Login Issue

Many of you have recently experienced an issue with Facebook logins, and we are working hard to fix it! 

Why Is This Happening?

Due to technical reasons, the login method using your Facebook account has been temporarily suspended by the Facebook team. However, we’re not the only ones to face this, and a lot of other sites and apps have the same experience as our players.

Our team is already in contact with the Facebook Support Team to resolve this issue ASAP, but it can take some time as well.

Meanwhile, we’ve prepared several alternative methods to log in to the site until the issue is resolved!

Facebook Login Alternatives

1. “Reset password” Method

If you had an email address added to your Facebook account, you could use it to set up a password and log in both using Facebook (once it’s fixed) and using your email address and newly created password. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Sign-In Page, and click on “Forgot your password?” button
  2. Specify the email you use on Facebook (you can check it on your Facebook page, go to the Settings and Privacy page, then to the Account Settings page).
  3. Click on “Reset password” button.
    Wait for a letter
    to the email you specified, here you will find a new password for your account.
  4. Use your email address and a new password to log in to the site.

2. Log In Using Twitter and Google

Our team has prepared one more cool feature for you: two more login methods are now available!

We have added Twitter and Google login methods, so if you have the same email address linked to your Facebook account and Twitter or Google accounts, you can use them to log in to the site!

3. Manual Support From The RollerCoin

In case you don’t have any email connected to your Facebook account (it was registered with a phone number, the email address is inactive, etc.), you can fill in the following FORM, so we can look into your case and link the email address to your RollerCoin account manually 👍

System Overload

Some of you may have noticed technical maintenance that was conducted yesterday 👀

An abnormally high system load caused by bots activity has led to the scoring system failure, which, in turn, led to incorrect calculations for deposits, Christmas Midnight Story Points, Event Pass XP, and Daily & Weekly Quests rewards.

What Has Been Done To Fix It?  

In order to prevent further issues and discrepancies, we have rolled back some of the affected accounts. 

During this day, we will double-check all the accounts affected by the issue, and fix everything we’ll find.If you experience any troubles with your balance or rewards, please contact our support using your email 🤝


GOOD example:

BAD examples:

Let’s Keep In Touch!

Your trust and your support, Rollers, mean everything to us! That’s why we want to keep you informed about all the updates and situations that happen on the site. 

Feel free to contact us via [email protected] or share your thoughts in the comments on our socials!