What’s up, Rollers ✌️🐹

Here we are with more updates 📝

As you know, one of the key features added for the Task Wall 📋 is the Leaderboard 🏆 which brings a true competitive spirit and will come in handy if you need some additional profit 😉💸

Let’s see how it works 👀

Task Wall Leaderboard Rules

📍 Compete with other players by earning as many points as possible on the Leaderboard 🏆

📍 Each amount of RLT rewarded from completed tasks will get you points to the leaderboard 🤝

📍 Players who get into the Top 100 at the end of the week will receive a reward for their place in the leaderboard in RLT based on their position 🤑

📍 The leaderboard will run every week from Monday 0:00 to Sunday 23:59 UTC 🕕 

📍 At the end of each week the leaderboard will reset, and you will receive a reward according to your place on the leaderboard 🥇

Rewards distribution

The Leaderboard is represented by a table in which users are sorted by the number of points they received in a week.

PlaceReward (RLT)
5 – 8250
9 – 15150
16 – 30100
31 – 5080
51 – 10040

Why the Competition on the Number of RLT And Not on the Number of Tasks?

We motivate our Rollers not by quantity, but by the challenge of getting the maximum amount of RLT they can! 🎯 Try more challenging tasks and get more RLT and more points accordingly! 🥇

Why Other Users Have Different Tasks Than I Do?

Unfortunately, the number of tasks and the reward for completing them differ depending on the region and advertisers. Therefore, some might have higher chances to get more points from tasks.

The RollerCoin team is actively working to add more providers for a variety of tasks for the maximum number of users. 🤝 Our team just added a new provider — Ayet and more providers, such as Adgem and Theoremreach are coming during the next week! 🏎

More to Come!

Stay tuned for more updates to come! 🙌

By the way, who knows, maybe it’s YOU who will get the first place in the Leaderboard! 🏆

So who will be the best of the best this time? 👇🥁