Hello there, Rollers! 🍀

Great and sunny time to see you once again! 😇

We know you’d like to know more about the update. We’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s start with a poem:

I’m a hamster-leprechaun,
Short and green,
I hide clovers in our socials,
So they can’t be seen.

Can you find them all?
Are you ready to play?
Good luck to everyone,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hope you like it! Now let’s cover the update, shall we? 🤓

We’re not over with clovers! 🍃

Start the celebration of the Saint Patrick’s Day Event with the new Clover-n’-Over miner!

Limited to only 2000 pieces for the whole game, CloverLover successor will truly bless your mining game with luck and pots of gold all over the place 😜

Wishing you luck with the reworked Lucky RLT Case! 💰

You asked for this ☝️

Remember the pain and frustration from another missed opportunity? 🤬 We don’t remember it either 😅

🎁 Meet the new reworked Lucky RLT Case!

We lowered the price to just 5 RLT and completely reworked the probabilities to make it way more fair and balanced! 💯

🤓 Here is the list of reward’s probability for the updated Lucky 1000 RLT Case:

PrizeRarityDrop chance
1000 RLTLegendary0,0001%
500 RLTLegendary0,0099%
100 RLTLegendary0,09%
50 RLTLegendary0,9%
20 RLTEpic1,35%
15 RLTEpic3,15%
10 RLTEpic4,5%
9 RLTRare4,5%
7 RLTRare7,5%
5 RLTRare18%
3 RLTCommon15%
2 RLTCommon30%
1 RLTCommon15%

🔑 The amount of cases in the Store is unlimited! Try your luck to win 200 times more RLT and use them to build your miners collection with ease 🔥

No giveaways huh?! Well, actually there is one 🥸

And it’s happening RIGHT NOW! Some of you have already noticed what’s going on, huh? 😎 Keep your eye on our socials! It could happen anytime, anywhere, any moment! 😰

Limited Clover-n’-Over miner and reworked Lucky 1000 RLT Case are now available in the game! 🥳
So what are you waiting for?👇