Yo, Rollers 👋

Heard the news? A big race is coming up soon so you better be ready to roll fast 🔥

🏁 Sportscar Race 🏁 is a competition crafting race where you pick your team and craft as many miners for your team to win 🏆

Each team has its own miner and a certain bonus that will be added to the game depending on a team-winner 💪 Yes, only winners decide what the bonus will be for everyone 😎

So pick a team and race for their winning bonuses 🏁

Team 1
Ferdinand’s Horse
+100% RST Mining

-20% BTC Mining
Team 2
50x Event Pass Giveaway in Twitter

-15% DOGE Mining
Team 3
Mystery Giveaway in Discord

-25% ETH Mining

❗ Please note that at least 100 miners of a certain Team should be crafted for the bonus to be added in the game!

  • For example, if you want “25x Event Pass Giveaway in Twitter and -15% DOGE Mining” bonus to appear on the site for the next week, you should craft a Trattori miner
  • Each successful craft will be taken into account and if the majority of players also choose Trattori miner — this will be the team that won!
  • This bonus (in our case 25x Event Pass Giveaway in Twitter and -15% DOGE mining, because we are crafting Trattori miner in our example) will be available to EVERYONE on the site, NOT only to the ones who crafted ☝️ so DON’T waste your time and hop on both of our socials right now!

 👉 Discord   

👉  Twitter

When you decided on your team, the game plan is simple:

🏁 Join the Race Start Crafting Get points (for crafting) for the Progression Event Get unique miners  Win the Race and set a bonus for everybody 🏁 

Start Up Your Engines!

The rules are covered, the rewards are waiting! Hit the pedal and race towards the finish along with your team! 🏎️

💥 Don’t forget to follow the race in our socials where we will regularly post the current leaderboard so that you can track the progress of the race 👀

🔹 Discord

🔹 Twitter

🔹 Twitter BR

🔹 Telegram

And remember – only the winners get to decide the outcome 🦾 💥

3… 2… 1…