Hello there, Rollers! 🐹

From the first stirrings of life, here starts your journey through time towards the stars 💫 Join our ancestor hamsters, discover the first crypto, stop hamster sacrifices, get your own dinosaur 🦖 start the industrial revolution 💡 and learn how future rollers mine the whole crypto planet! 🪐

Season IV starts on the 31st of March! And you guessed it! It’s dedicated to time travel ⏳ Start from ancient times and witness the history of hamsters to the far future! 🚀

Even more rewards, more levels, and much more stuff, including exclusive miners — this Season we have a lot of them! Craft Parts, Bonus Power and RLT, Bonus Winner’s Trophies! And you can have it all. It’s GO time, Rollers! 🧨

Season IV Summary

  • New Miners. Now there are more of them, and they provide even more power! 
  • Rework of the Event Pass. We introduced more levels and reworked Daily Quests and Daily Bonus! 🎯
  • New types of rewards. Get Parts and Miners needed for crafting ⚒️  just for completing levels!
  • More FREE rewards. We added a lot of new free rewards, including Parts ⚙️ and Miners that you can use to craft as well!
  • A friend? Meet your new little fellow companion! 🦖

Even more cool rewards!

A huge collection of miners, which represent different periods of our World’s, has been designed with love and passion for you! ❤️  And, of course, they are much more powerful now. We boosted them by 62.5% to give you a chance to mine crypto as fast as never before! 🤑

Another great news — a new coin is available in Season IV, and it is Solana! Mine it and grant the best future for you and all future generations! 🤩

Newest miner additions! 

The conceptual red line, rolling through the collection, is Time Travel among the eras. Please meet them:

50,000 Gh/s
1 Gh/s
25,000 Gh/s
The Sacrifice
35,000 Gh/s
50,000 Gh/s
Ramesses II
65,000 Gh/s
Richie’s Castle
80,000 Gh/s
Roller Industries Co.
120,000 Gh/s
180,000 Gh/s
130,000 Gh/s
300,000 Gh/s
200,000 Gh/s
500,000 Gh/s

Be ready for your mining to go sky-high! ✈️ The total power of Time Travel Series miners is 1,735,001 Gh/s which is 650,000 Gh/s bigger than Season III! 😲

Meet the new Event Pass and all the changes!

More tasks to do and even more prizes to get: now the Season Pass has 45 levels instead of 30, and gaining experience has become much easier than before! 👍 The daily bonuses and tasks rewards are now much better, so here’s your chance to get maximum profit out of them 💰

Daily Quests update. You asked for this!

Besides experience recalculation, we implemented one more thing. Depending on your reviews we reduced the amount of games needed to fulfill the tasks: 40 and 80 games instead of 50 and 100 accordingly 🤝

Mini-games rebalance. A whole cookie!

We have changed the winning conditions of some 🕹 mini-games, changing the power rewards:

2048 Coins: -50% power reward
Coinclick: -50% power reward
Coin-Flip: -25% power reward
Flappy Rocket: -20% power reward
Token Blaster: +40% power reward
Lambo Rider: +60% power reward

2048 Coins is updated (thanks WafflesTheGoodBoy!) and players now will have additional 15 seconds to complete the game after LVL5 difficulty! 🤓

2048 Coins:
Timer on level 5-10: 60 sec 75 sec

First one to complete 2048 Coins level 10 gets a cookie! 🍪

Rollers want to craft! Even I do. Who doesn’t?

In Season IV we are giving Parts as a reward, following the concept of Crafting!

What you get is two Rollerfury B8 miners and a lot of Parts ⚙️ We really mean a lot! These Parts can be used not only for merging the miners you get as a reward, but for Crafting in a wide sense. Yes, you got it right — you can craft something yourself now and feel all the advantages of this opportunity 😉 What crafting gives you, is X3 Power and X1.5 Bonus compared to the usual miner. That sounds amazing, and so it is! 🤩

Moar free stuff!

Now you can get two RollerMiner S5+ miners and all the Parts needed to merge ⚒️ them, which would increase the total Power and total collection bonus!📈

And even more than that — we’ve added Bonus Power and increased the amount of RLT to Free Rewards! 🎁

Your new lil’ fella!

Ever dreamed of your own Jurassic Park? Now you can have the exclusive miner with a little baby dinosaur 🦖 inside, and it is available in Free Rewards. Love him, pet him and treat him nicely — he is soooo cute! 🤗 You can’t take him for a walk, and he is no use as a real dinosaur, but now your hamster has a company! 

Upgrade your Event Pass!

For 119.99 RLT only, you receive access to all the premium rewards, including a set of exclusive miners which can’t be received elsewhere in the game!

One dinosaur in your mining room is not enough? Press the “Get All rewards again” button and receive one more set of rewards! 🎁 And then again! The whole three dinosaurs in your room! 😍

Get all rewards up to three times!

The Premium Event Pass costs only 569.99 RLT and allows you to get ALL REWARDS instantly, with no need to complete quests each day!

We’re not done just yet!

This is going to be a hot event, that’s for sure. Stay tuned, Rollers, we have a lot more surprises ahead! 🔥