Hello, Miners! 🐹

🏃‍♂️ Season III is running at full speed, so it is time to explain some details about the new features which have been added during the latest update 🤓

This is the first part of Season III: Christmas Time! blog posts, where we will cover the new Drops from games and the addition of Parts.

🛼 Let’s roll!

Drops from minigames ⚡️

Drops are special additional rewards that you may receive from winning games. Additional rewards range from free RLT, additional power to free miners and parts for merging them.

🤓 All RollerCoin minigames have an equal chance of giving special drops to players! 

Getting Drops is totally free and both paid and free players have equal chances to get Drops from winning games ☝️

🎁 Total chance of getting an additional reward from each game is almost 50%

To make it even more clear, we also give small explanations for some of rewards that you may find:

  1. Additional power will be added to your account automatically, along with the power you received from the game.
  2. “X2 Power reward from this game” means that the power you received from this concrete game will be doubled (but not your total power).
  3. “X2 Power time hold for this game” means that the power you received from this concrete game will hold twice longer.
  4. Parts or miners received from drops will be automatically added to your Storage page.

Now let’s focus on the Parts!

Parts in the Store

⚙️ Parts are special resources that can be used to Upgrade miners by Merging them.

You can see the number of parts you got and miners that you can merge on the new Storage page.

Merge mechanics will be covered more in the upcoming blog post, so do not miss it!

🛍 We have temporarily added Parts to the Store, so players can buy them until the Marketplace is finally released.

🕹 Besides purchasing Parts from the game, players can get all parts for free by playing Games.

🗓 Sold-out parts will be restocked every week, so don’t worry if you didn’t have time to buy the ones you need for your upgrades.

Once the Marketplace is released PARTS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE STORE to prevent them from devaluation 📈

That’s all for today, in a few days we will release the next blog post where we will cover other new additions and features, so stay tuned!