Ave, Rollers! 💪

You have got an invitation from 👑 Emperor Hamster to check out what to be excited about in Season XII: Roman Empire! 🏰
You will become part of the legend till it vanishes in time on May 2nd, 2024.


  • Season Rewards. Feel the power of the Roller Empire!
  • Season Store update. Even more powerful miners are on the shelves!
  • Season and Daily/Weekly Quests update.
  • Game Rebalance. 3X Your Power!
  • What else to expect in this Season?
  • Season Pass structure. Choose your one and start playing!

Relics Of The Mythic World 

See what sacred relics you will be able to gather through your epic quest!💥

💪 9 powerful miners, each coming in four pieces.
💪 Up to 27.5 Ph/s of mining power and a 17% collection bonus after merging!
💪 3000 RST 
💪 6 wonderful racks, including the Green Silk 6 with an unbelievable 15% Bonus!

Season Store Updates

To truly feel the vibe of the cheering ⚔️ Colosseum you need some powerful artefacts! 🛡️
We are happy to introduce new additions to the Season Store for you. We have added many more valuable items to our fresh Imperial case.

Powerful 🧨 like never before so worth every RST spent!🙌

Quests Update

We heard you, Rollers, so this time the updated Quest system will be implemented! Long story short – it will become easier to complete them! 😏 How so? See the details below 👇

Season Quests

You will be able to complete all the quests at a much calmer pace:

  •  Season duration was extended to 76 days instead of 62 in the previous season. This means you have much more time to get all the rewards!
  •  Completing Season Quests now brings 210 XP overall instead of 196 XP in the previous season.
  • And don’t forget about your Daily login XP Bonus – 238 XP per week!💥

➕ Many Season Quests overlap with Daily/Weekly Quests (one action — two quests completed ✅)

☝️ Besides that, the “Invite a friend” quest was removed to avoid referral abuse.

Weekly/Daily Quests Update

We also made some adjustments to the Quests system on Monday to 📈 boost your reward rate. Details down below👇

Daily Quests:

  • The required RLT amount in the “Earn 0.05 RLT in Task wall” quest was reduced to 0.01 RLT. 
  • Reward for the “Earn 1 RLT on Task Wall from CPX” quest increased to 2 RLT
  • A new optional quest “Open 7 any Lucky RLT Cases” was added with the reward of 50 RST.

Weekly Quests:

  • Reward for the “Earn 5 RLT on Task Wall from Torox” quest increased to 10 RLT.
  • Reward for the “Complete 8 Weekly Quests” quest decreased to 4 RLT.
  • Reward for the “Open 5 any Lucky RLT Cases” decreased to 0.75 RLT.

Game Rebalance. X3 Your Power!

Rewards for the game were rebalanced a bit 😉
From now on you will gain 🤯 TRIPLE the power you were gaining in Season 11 for each game! 

What Else Coming In This Season?

The season has only started with some exciting changes but don’t dare to think it’s all that Emperor Hamster preparing for you! 😏

CoinClick Redesign

Coin Click will be redesigned with a brand new fresh appearance! Will you be able to defeat the evil 🧙Sorcerer Hamster? Hamster the Emperor believes in you! 💯

You will be able to proof yourself and get an X3 Power boost on February 20th!

Inventory Rework

You were asking a lot so it’s time to move forward 🛠

We are working tirelessly to provide a fresh and up-to-date user experience that will make your crypto journey much more comfortable!

You can begin to plan your room renovation since it will be so much easier 😮‍💨
We will deep dive into these changes in the upcoming Dev. Dairies so stay tuned 😉

UI/UX Improvements

The experience of our users is our utmost priority so we took our time to carefully think about changes to the interface 🗺
Navigating the game will become much smoother and seamless. A lot of the features you have been asking for are coming!🤭

Choose Your Pass And Start The Journey!

Both the Free and Gold Passes contain even more precious rewards. Choose your path and start the Roman Empire epic quest! ⚔️

Free Pass

It’s not just free but also STUFFED with value!😋

✅ Complete the Daily Quests and claim your XP.
↗️ Level UP!
💸Claim your rewards with each new level.

❕Once you finish a level, don’t forget to claim your reward 🎯 Simply hit the Claim button after completing the level.

Gold Pass

This time Gold season pass contains even more powerful rewards for the same price of 99.95 RLT!

💯Grab your Gold Pass by hitting the “Activate Pass” button;
✅Complete Season Quests to level up;
🤑Claim double the rewards with each new level, both for free and gold tiers!

If you don’t want to complete all the levels, you can always get ALL REWARDS instantly by purchasing the Complete Season Pass for just 549.90 RLT 😌

😱If it’s not still satisfying your gladiator glory hunger then you can always get all Season Pass rewards three more times! Each purchase gets cheaper so getting Season Pass for the third time is 349.95 RLT.