It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 😉🎄

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner!
And so is the new Season on RollerCoin 🙌

Curious what Hamster Claus 🎅 has prepared for his beloved Rollers?
Let’s find out together 👇


  • Ember Light Burning Event. It’s time for the Christmas clean-up!
  • Season 11: Crypto Night, Hodly Night. New quests and new rewards!
  • New mini-game! Meet the Hamster Climber.
  • Merry Medley Event. Gather a Christmas postcard from Hamster Claus, and get special rewards!

Ember Light: Time To Clean Up!

Christmas is the time for new beginnings, and new miners, of course 😏
Get ready for the festive season 🌟 with the much-loved Burning Event!

This is a great chance to clean up your mining rooms from old dusty mining machines and free up some space for the new, more powerful and efficient ones! 📈💪

The new Ember Light Event mechanic remains unchanged: collect points and coins by burning your old miners 🔥 and get new ones from the progression and Burn Shop!

What stands out is event balance 📊
This time, it’s all about raw power, so tweak your burning strategies accordingly!

Season 11: New Quests And Rewards!

Crypto Night, Hodly Night 🌠
All is calm, all is bright!

The upcoming season will bring you lots of sweet presents, including a set of 9 seasonal miners 🎁
Each miner comes in four pieces, so you’ll be able to merge them up to the Rare level, collecting up to 20 Ph/s of mining power and a 13.5% collection bonus! 🤩

Season Quests Update. You Asked For This!

We’ve carefully gathered all your feedback regarding Season Quests 👁👁 and made some improvements!

In short 👇

  • The quests will be much easier to complete 🙌
  • Some Season Quests will cross with Daily/Weekly Quests (one action — two quests completed ✅) 

So, what’s gonna be changed? 

🌟 Each level will require less XP to be completed 📉 (400 XP for level) while completing Season Quests will bring more XP 📈
🌟 The number of games required per day/week will be reduced.
🌟 The Number of merges from the Make Merges Quest will be reduced by half.
🌟 Open Parts Cases Daily Quest will be reduced from 3 cases to 1 case.
🌟 Make a Purchase from Weekly Offer Quest will be replaced with Open Lucky RLT Case quest. Which means that you can complete two quests (both Season Quest and Weekly Quest) with one action!

New Mini Game Is Coming!

What else is in Hamster Claus’s bag? 🎁⛄

Meet the new mini-game  — Hamster Climber! 🏔

Gathering your feedback, we noticed that Crypto Hamster is one of your favorite games 😉
That’s why we wanted to create a cool alternative which will be both challenging and easy-to-understand!

The task is simple: help a pair of hamster-climbers reach the very top of the rock! 🧗‍♂️

🔁 The hamsters are revolving around each other. By landing on marked circles, they ascend higher and higher, until they reach the top (or until the timer runs out).

As the game gets more challenging, the hamsters spin faster and faster!

We hope you’ll enjoy it 🐹

A Merry Medley of Rewards Is Waiting!

Christmas is all about gifts, isn’t it? 
This winter, each Roller will get a special Christmas Postcard, full of wonderful presents from our Hamster Claus 🎅

🌟 Complete special tasks and gather your christmas card, piece by piece!
🎁 Get TWO types of rewards at the same time!

  • Progression Rewards. Fill in the progression by completing tasks and get a present for each completed level! 🌟
    ☝ Each task brings you the same number of points. This means you’re free to choose your favorite tasks and the order to complete them!
  • Christmas Postcard Gifts. Each completed task will open a random piece of Christmas Card, containing a precious reward!
    By finishing all the tasks, you’re guaranteed to claim all rewards. But even by completing just a few, you still have a chance to grab the biggest rewards! 🎇
Please note, the rewards shown in the image are placeholders.

The Season of wonders is coming, and we believe that you will love it 🥰
Don’t miss out on more festive preparations on our socials, and se you soon ❄🌟