Crypto Night, Hodly Night 🌠
All is calm, all is bright!

Hamster Claus is already here 🎅 with a BIG bag, full of wonderful presents for his beloved Rollers 😉

Jump into the holiday vibes and join our crypto celebration until February 15,  2024 💫


  • A New Season Pass! 🎁
    Bringing a set of Christmas presents under your tree!

  • Quests Update.

  • New Mini-Game! 🏔
    Reach the top, with our Hamster Climber!

  • LTC Deposits

  • Block Rewards Rebalance 📊

  • A Week of Festive Celebrations!
    Visit our socials every day during this week to win wonderful prizes!

A New Season Pass!

Let the Season of Wonders begin! 🤩
Similar to the previous one, this Season Pass consists of two parts 👇

 Free Pass

This part of the Season Pass is entirely free!

🎮 Dive in by completing Daily Quests and be sure to grab your XP after each Quest;
✅ Level up as you go;
🏆 Get your miners, trophies, bonus power, and RST with every conquered level!

❕Once you finish a level, don’t forget to claim your reward 🎯 Simply hit the Claim button after completing the level.

Gold Pass

Get your Gold Pass for 99.95 RLT and enjoy DOUBLE the rewards for each level you conquer!

🎮 Complete daily quests;
✅ Level up your game;🌟
Claim TWO rewards from both Free and Gold Passes for every completed level!

No time to complete all the levels? No worries! Get ALL REWARDS instantly by grabbing the Complete Season Pass for 549.90 RLT ✨

Most hungry players can always get all Season Pass rewards three more times! Each purchase gets cheaper so getting Season Pass for the last time is 349.95 RLT 🤑

What’s Under The Christmas Tree?

Check out these cool miners — they’ve just sleighed in from the winter wonderland! ❄️🎮

Each miner (except HuddleWaddle) comes in four pieces, so you’ll be able to merge them up to the Rare level, collecting up to 20 Ph/s of mining power and a 13.5% collection bonus! 🤩

HuddleWaddle100 Gh/s
BitLoco124000 Gh/s
BelleDeerDuo141750 Gh/s
WheelWonder160000 Gh/s
GingerChoco243750 Gh/s
JingleHasher280500 Gh/s
PolarPendulum318250 Gh/s
YuletideTrek459000 Gh/s
SleighRide569250 Gh/s
JingleGrooveGram717500 Gh/s

Season Quests Update.

Season 11 Quests has been completely updated 🙌

Here are some important changes: 

🌟 Each level requires less XP to be completed 📉 — 400 XP for level.

🌟 Completing Season Quests now brings 196 XP per day, compared to 168 XP in Season 10 📈
And don’t forget to claim your Daily XP Bonus — 224 XP per week 😉

🌟 Some Season Quests overlap with Daily/Weekly Quests (one action — two quests completed ✅)

Daily/Weekly Quests Update

The newest Daily/Weekly Quests update came out this Monday and caused a lot of discussions in the Community 💬
We’ve carefully reviewed all your feedback and made some improvements 👇

Daily Quests:

  • The required RLT amount in the “Earn 0.05 RLT in Task Wall” quest will be reduced to 0.03 RLT.  
  • Reward for “Open Lucky RLT Case” quest will be increased to 30 RST.
  • Reward for “Complete 6 Daily Quests” will be increased to 70 RST.

Weekly Quests:

  • Reward for the “Win 200 games” quest will be increased to 50 RST.
  • Number of cases in the “Open 10 Lucky RLT Cases” quest will be reduced to 5 cases.  
  • Number of quests in “Complete 25 Daily Quests” will be reduced to 24.
    👉 The reward for this quest will be increased to 30 RST.
  • Number of quests in “Complete 45 Daily Quests” will be reduced to 40. 
    👉 The reward for this quest will be increased to 75 RST.
  • Reward for “Complete 8 Weekly Quests” will be increased to 4 RLT.

New Mini-Game!

Meet the new mini-game  — Hamster Climber! 🏔

Your Task: help the pair of Hamsters to reach the top of the rock.
How to play?

The hamsters are revolving around each other 🔁
Wait until the spinning hamster gets into the white circle ⚪ then click to make him cling to the rock!

As the game gets more challenging, the hamsters spin faster and faster!

LTC Deposits

The moment is here, Rollers! 🔥
LTC deposits are now up and running on RollerCoin! 🎉

As always, we are doing the process step-by-step, since adding new coins to the game is pretty complex and requires time and effort 🙌

Block Rewards Rebalance

The block rewards rebalance has been made! But why?
Well, just like in-game algorithms make network difficulty recalculations, the same goes for the block rewards! 📊

So the updated block reward for MATIC is 8, and 0.045 for BNB 🚀
Also the new block reward for BTC is 0.00033, 0.0042 for ETH, and 0.02 for SOL!

Don’t forget to switch your power! 👇

A Week of Festive Celebrations!

The week of Christmas celebrations starts today, Rollers!

🌟 Five daily Raffles and Contests from Hamster Claus!
🎁 Up to 10 000 RLT Reward Pool!

Join our socials not to miss the first Contest starting today! Which team will you join? 👀👇

Christmas is here, bringing good cheer 🤍
RollerCoin Team is wishing you all the warmest and happiest of holiday seasons 🎄

Let’s roll on! 👇