Hey, Rollers! ✌️

Another art contest just wrapped up, and we’ve got to say, you all rocked it! 😇 Your creativity and ideas in your artwork always blow our minds! 🤩

Checking out your trophies and hats this time felt like attending a #RollerFamily masterclass 😎

Stay tuned for more thrilling events and keep the creative vibes flowing! 🎨


We have to say, that you have exceeded our expectations! 🙌 We chose a lot of Hats we want to mention and reward today, so let’s begin! 🎩


Serrano Collins – 1st place and 300 RLT reward
Zangiff – 2nd place and 200 RLT reward
Andando – 3rd place and 100 RLT reward

We also could not let these beauties to be lost in our backlog, so:

Zangiff – 100 RLT reward
VergilPro – 100 RLT reward
SirPyro – 100 RLT reward

But there’s more! 🌟

Honorable Mentions

This time, we decided to start our list of winners with the important category of works worthy of attention and appreciation – Honorable Mentions 😊 Let’s take a look at these cool stuff 👇

Authors of these Hats will receive 50 RLT 💸 as a reward! Congratulations to Ledraf, OswaldoDP and Andando!

And again, we’re not done with Hats yet! We had to make up 5 more categories and these amazing accessories will appear in the game sooner or later 🎉


Winter 2023/24 Collection

OswaldoDP, Serrano Collins, Eliecer and SirPyro – thank you for the warmth! Winter is truly coming ❄️🙏

Charmed Collection

RollerWitch is so looking forward to wearing one of these!
Thank you, SirPyro, Andando (twice 😉) and JenShogla!

Peaky Blinders Collection

He made us an offer we can’t refuse! 👏Good job, Serrano Collins!

Caesar, Cleo and Mark

Now, what a reunion! 👑Thank you, Andando, and SirPyro!

Each hat brings its author 150 RLT reward! 💰

And last, but not least…

Social Networks Set by Zangiff! Wow! 🚀

These babies are totally worth the 300 RLT reward! 💎

Finally, we’re done with the Hats, and now presenting Trophies! 🏆


There were a lot of hilarious, unexpected and of course simply beautiful Trophies, so here are the best among them 🌈


Andando and Leham – CONGRATS! You are the best!

1st place and 300 RLT reward goes to Andando!
2nd place and 200 RLT reward goes to Leham!
3rd place and 100 RLT reward goes to Andando!

Honorable Mentions

Andando, Ravell, Acidog – you did an amazing job!

The Cone, the Trophy and the Cezve bring you 50 RLT each! And the YouTube button along with the Spaceship deserve a 150 RLT reward each, since these ones will be special 😉


This was definitely a positive experience! ✨

Your imagination and mastery of pixel art are truly magical. Keep honing your skills! 🔮 We’ll see you next time, Rollers! 👋