Hello there, Rollers!

The Referral Contest is over and it’s time to welcome the Top Five winners who received the most RLT income 📈 from their new referrals during the Contest!

Here they are 🌟👇

Winner’s NameNumber Of New ReferralsAmount of RLT Spent By ReferralsReward in DOGE
Olha SSS11312424000
Hal Mooney14111683000
Vitamin coin137892500
Jack Normo37171700

Congrats, guys! Your rewards are waiting 😉

Contest Rules

Hey there, RollerFamily!

The new Referral Contest is here! Which means…
🤑 12,000 DOGE prize pool for the most active players!

Spread the joy of mining to your friends from Jan 11 to Jan 24 and reach the Top to become a winner!

Interested? 👀👇

Gather Your Friends and Grab Crypto Prizes!

🐵 As always, the rules are simple:

1. Invite referrals in the game and get your RLT commissions 🤩
2. Get to the 🔝 of the Leaderboard;
3. Receive your prizes! 💰

At the end of the Contest, the Top Five winners who will receive the most income 📈 from their refs will get DOGE rewards! 🤩

Place in the LeaderboardReward in DOGE

Which Commissions Are Counted?

The Contest will count all RLT commissions from your referrals, including:

✅ All the purchases in the Store (Season Pass, Lucky RLT Cases, in-game items, etc.)
Marketplace purchases
✅ Commissions from your referrals’ RLT mining

What’s not included?

❌ Commissions from your referrals’ crypto mining (BTC, ETH, DOGE, SOL, MATIC, BNB, TRX, LTC).

Please note that only commissions from new referrals who join the game starting Jan 11 will be counted.

Cheaters Shall Not Pass!

As you know, we always stand for honest competition 🤝 so if any signs of cheating 🤥 are noticed on a contestant’s account, this account will not be counted and will probably even be banned 💥

How To Get Even More Referrals And Rewards?

Here’s another exciting way to share the game and showcase your personal achievements 😉👇
💥 Make a post with your RollersReplay stats 📊 and share it with your followers via socials!

  1. Visit the RollersReplay Page to view your incredible stats.
  2. Take a screenshot of your stats and share it via any of your socials adding your referral link 😉

Let’s spread the word, Rollers 🙌😉