Hello Rollers🤗

Today we start a special occasion that leads to a huge celebration🎉

RollerCoin is 60 thousand registrations away from ONE MILLION USERS, so we’ve decided to speed up the road to one million players with our community!

Road to one million —  is a competition and a raffle at the same time! You have a great opportunity to win some good prizes by taking part in!

The ROAD TO ONE MILLION contest started on June 4 and has a flight till June 20 or earlier if we hit that sweet 1,000,000 users sooner! To participate, invite at least one new player to RollerCoin, starting from June 4.


There will be 60 winners in total🏆

50 participants will be chosen randomly, among players that invited at least 1 user during the contest.
10 winners of the contest based on the number of invited referrers – the more invites, the better.

The prizes of the ROAD TO ONE MILLION top 10 referrals are:

1. 1500 RLT
2. 1000 RLT
3. 600 RLT
4. 400 RLT
5. 300 RLT
6. 300 RLT
7. 300 RLT
8. 200 RLT
9. 200 RLT
10. 200 RLT

The prizes for random participants, who have at least 1 invite, during ROAD TO ONE MILLION:

50 Players who get 50 RLT

The total prize pool:

7500 RLT

The status of the contest will be updated in our socials, where we will post the top 10 referrals of that period of time. Here are the links to our social media:


📨The message

You can use any promo materials or messages you want, but to make it easier for you to hop in, we’ve prepared a message for you to share!

Hey friend, wanna get into crypto? I invite you to play RollerCoin, a crypto mining simulator with real crypto withdrawals👑

Your first free 1000 Satoshi for signing up with my link, enjoy🎮

*place your ref link here*

We wish the best ones to win the contest, and the luckiest – good luck in the raffle!