Hey Rollers!

Starting from June 30 to July 13 we hosted the RollerCoin Art Contest, during this time everyone was allowed to take part in it, by sending an artwork including our RollerCoin hamster🐹

Our players have sent hundreds of arts, and we’ve accepted 200+ arts for the contest, you guys are amazing😻
The amount of creative, talented, cute and funny arts was so overwhelming that we needed a lot of time to decide which works should be nominated. We deeply appreciate every art that was sent to the contest, thanks to all participants🥰

Due to the unexpectedly huge amount of awesome arts, we have increased the winners of each category from 3 to 5! Also, a new category appears – crafts. Alright, let’s get to the winners!

Pixel Art

Arts in this category are made in pixel style.

First place

Absolute masterpiece. Fantastic.

Second placehttps://rollercoin.com/p/kl2t5pfr

Huge work that was made in Minecraft. Game inside the game, that’s what we call an inception!

Third place https://rollercoin.com/p/kn4z7vsa

Nostalgia… This work is a tribute to the very old game Monkey Island, with our hamster saying silly jokes in the original style of the game. Ultra clever and creative!

Fourth placehttps://rollercoin.com/p/knksvcr3

2 pixel remakes of the classical art, adding some crypto spices. What a legend!

Fifth placehttps://rollercoin.com/p/kez6829m

This new RollerCoin logo with an outstanding JP vibe makes me wanna open a RollerCoin Ramen shop.

Digital Art

The category includes artworks made with graphics software.
First placehttps://rollercoin.com/p/kj7dl41h

This artwork has an amazing quality, style and arrangement. Beautiful technique, vibrant colours and content of the pic gets it to Top-1 in digital art so far!

Second Placehttps://rollercoin.com/p/knxfcav2

You’ve seen this artwork in our previous social media posts. Great work and style!

Third placehttps://rollercoin.com/p/kn473pay

We’ve liked this artwork for the brush techniques, style and farming theme. Very bright and cheerful work!

Fourth placehttps://rollercoin.com/p/kmyewpqp

Cartoonish vibes on crypto surfer theme with cute-eyed hamster in tracker brings this art to the win!

Fifth placehttps://rollercoin.com/p/kr1fwg57

Middle age theme on this one is hard. Hamsters are fighting over a bitcoin while other hamsters gathered in the line to the shop to buy some mining equipment. Beautiful work :3


This category includes handmade works.

First place https://rollercoin.com/p/kp78qfrk

The pirate hamster and his ship made of paper, no words, only ARRRRGGH!

Second placehttps://rollercoin.com/p/kq9zn6gq

Awesome models of RollerCoin hammond “Rollerset” made by Crafter Bros. Well played!

Third place – https://rollercoin.com/p/kne73tcd

What a cutie *_____*

Forth placehttps://rollercoin.com/p/jzqi59br

Wholesome handcrafted hamster art in the frame, what else you ever wanted?

Fifth place https://rollercoin.com/p/kpsngbad

Cardboard hamster with digital touch to it, natural and futuristic at the same time!

Traditional Art

This category includes drawings on paper with pencil style, oil paint, watercolor paint, chalks etc.

First placehttps://rollercoin.com/p/knkfz21i

The most important thing in life will always be a family©🚗
We absolutely love everything about this work – technique, content, colour choices, and miners😻 Roller Family gets the first place in Traditional art category.

Second place https://rollercoin.com/p/kf51wpme

If someone asks me what a masterpiece is, I’ll show them this picture.

Third placehttps://rollercoin.com/p/ko82fe3n

Pencil drawing technique is on spot, giving the new life to the well known classical masterpiece.

Forth placehttps://rollercoin.com/p/kpuavx0t

This is how the last level of token blaster looks! Hamster arrived on another planet and having fun obviously😂

Fifth place

This one should be in a museum!


First place – 500 RLT
Second place – 350 RLT
Third place – 200 RLT
Fourth place – 150 RLT
Fifth place – 100 RLT

Making this selection was tough… RollerCoin players are so awesome and talented, thanks again for every single work that was sent to us!
We will give a small prize to every artist, whomst work was accepted🎁

But that’s not all, you will have a chance to select the best works of this and the author of the art will receive an additional prize.
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